Still Regular But Not Always Public

As I blogged about before the control of information has become the difficult topic in the 21st century.  Once information becomes public it becomes next to impossible to restrict its flow.  Restrictions and privacy used to be something implicit and natural.  In today’s networked world it must be a life policy.  One of the things I decided that this blog will be excellent for is to document my thoughts.  Up till now, I have documented mostly only knowledge I wanted to make public.  Unfortunately, I suppressed my own private writings or made them uncomfortable to access to even myself.  Only problem is that personal confidential information bubbled out or was hinted at, and most likely to people that I probably shouldn’t of told.  Now I trust these people enough to not air my private discussions with them.  But I can never be sure how far I can put out my trust.

WordPress has this fantastic option to keep certain posts private.  And I plan to exploit this to document more sensitive thoughts.  I am aware that any hosted app is still vulnerable, so material of an extremely confidential nature will not go up.  But then again, I don’t ever write such material on anything other than the surface of my neurons.  So henceforth I still plan on blogging regularly.  Just not all the posts will be for public consumption. You’ve been forewarned.