Interviews and a Taste for the Rising Sun

Yesterday (today since I haven’t gone to sleep yet), was one heck of a busy day. The kind folks at Hireglyphics managed to setup two interviews today. One with a major interactive agency in downtown Toronto, another with a mobile/web development house in Mississauga.

The first interview could of gone better. But I should of done more programming these past few months. So very much mea culpea. However I’m glad the company thought well enough of me to interview me. And I do know what to improve upon both technically and personally. To celebrate/mourn the interview I dragged poor Caroline for sushi lunch. Great food and amazing company, thanks so much Caroline!

The second interview turned out awesome. I feel I really connected and showed that while I’m not an experienced mobile developer, I am an experience developer who can work in any language, platform or paradigm. The opportunity to get into mobile computing excites me to no end. And the job description sounds compelling. Feeling a bit peckish afterwards, so I went to one of my favourite Japanese restaurants for teriyaki. Awesome as always, and I got the bonus of meeting with and catching up with Rudy afterwards.

So why am I writing all this? This whole day and my career situation has really solidified in my head. I spent a good chunk of the day, recording all of my progress in job hunting. I know where I am at, and where I’d like to be. I like it that quite a few different companies expressed interest in me. Also I am so thankful for having such awesome people as my friends. While I can point to many, many aspects in my life that need work on, I am lucky to have amazing, supportive friends. Finally I am thoroughly in love with Japanese food and coffee.