Old is the New New

Or at least it seems that way. After all the fun that was summer, it looks like I will be going back my old pace of life and digs. So does that mean?

First of all, no real changes in my life at the present. The world changes around me. I feel like I am running around like mad trying to change life. But instead it looks like most of my efforts are resulting in my not moving. Or maybe it is the motions of the universe cancelling out my motions. Either way nothing new on my side. At least nothing new that I can envision. Maybe just a gentle slow plodding toward where I need to get to. Except…

Except that I may start working as a software developer again. And I might get the chance of working on various mobile platforms. I’d like that very much as I do want to move into mobile programming. If not I am pleased that the job market for software developers is hot. Especially ones with experience and modest expectations. I think the era of the very highly paid developer will draw to a close, as the economy tries to readjust. But I am so ready to get back into coding on a day to day basis.

On the tech side, after playing around with openSUSE this summer I realized this distro is not for me. I love the polish and care that the KDE side receives in openSUSE. But the underlying system and configuration just does not match the way my brain works. A Debian distribution feels more natural and works better. Combine that with a focus on ease of use that Ubuntu offers… well I am back to using Kubuntu. Kubuntu 10.04 is a better version and feels just as snappy as openSUSE. While the construction of the system and the popularity of Ubuntu win out over openSUSE.