Running Quake 4 Demo on Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy)

I felt the urge to do some violent gaming. So I grabbed the Linux demo of id’s Quake 4. The installation ran smoothly, but I ran into the infamous sound problem.

Turns out that the demo fails to use the right sound driver. The result doubled delayed sound that sounds like crap. The solution:

> quake4-demo +set s_driver oss

But then my Alsa and Arts mixers clash, and the game reports that it cannot use the /dev/dsp device (soundcard). Since I use Ubuntu (kUbuntu 6.10 GNU/Linx to be exact), I needed to install alsa-oss.

> sudo aptitude install alsa-oss

This gave the useful aoss command. So to run Quake 4 in all gory glory:

> aoss quake4-demo +set s_driver oss

Supposedly the +ss_driver oss argument, should be remembered but I run it this way just in case.