Traveling at 300km/s

This morning seems to be a continuation of yesterday. The world seems like a blur and time runs like a maddened hare on steroids. So in fact yesterday we did not go on a trip due to inclement weather. Instead I busied myself with school preparations, registering myself for my tutorials, finding where to buy my books, and getting rides. Most of this is pretty much down pat except for one tutorial, one ride back home, and obtaining the books physically. I am bit surprised that the visual computing course has no textbook… strange. On top of that I had to clean up around the house, make a few meals and prepare everything for tomorrow’s trip.

On the tech side, I finally got my USB stick working under Linux again. Now all I need is my SD card, and my Palm to get detected. No work on justCheckers, or my writing of course. I did meet up with Dmitry for a short walk, but getting there was a hassle as pretty much of Kennedy Road was torn up for repaving. Dmitry seems to be settling into his new house, and new semester at Wilfred Laurier splendidly. I convinced Rudy to take that course in databases, because I have no clue how otherwise he will survive the web programming course next semester. He seems to be walking a fine line with his courses… Oh well, times up! I need to get busy, busy again. Bye! And see you on Sunday. 😉