And the Rain Kept Falling…

Slowly, very slowly the time seems to creep for eternity… Life. The continual stream of assignments and midterms has worn me out. Today, I have to finish off a DB assignment which I am about halfway through. Writing SQL Server frontends in Visual Basic .net is not a task I relish. Figuring out all of VB’s nuances drove me yesterday to the point of despair.

Basically my days are spent living in front of a computer. Also since this my Father’s work laptop, I don’t have the option of messing it up into my nice and pleasent cubbyhole. A 15-minute break of playing Star Wars: Battle of Yavin got me an ultimatum. I know. I know. I should not of. But when all you see for most of the day is an IDE, and you have stare into the face of a bizarre, mind-numbing language, the idea of blowing up TIE fighters and Star Destroyers becomes pleasant. Anyways, I have to follow the no-mess up rule until I get a new machine/fix my old one.

I have not had the luxury of fixing it. Most likely I will try to do so tomorrow, after my tutorials. I might have to say no to going kart-racing to allow for it thought. I don’t know what to think about it. If I am fortunate enough to finish the two applications by evening, then all will be fine. Most likely I will stay up and work on it. I really hope that Rudy is correct that this is a misaligned heat-sink issue. Today, I will inquire about the possibility of getting a grant to buy a new machine. I am thinking a decent desktop, and maybe a keyboard for my Palm. In that case, I will be the most mobile. Laptops are too expensive and underpowered for my liking. I want to build my own box. I would love to play around with it… modding it. Come to think of if it I do have an ancient box lying around… A new motherboard with a P4 would be inorder. Oh and 1 GB of RAM.

Anyways… I have to run and do a task for Mom. I pray that I can go all out and defeat this DB assignment in a fallow swoop.