Today was a very nice day. Naturally beautiful weather means time for gardening and general yard work. Fortunately I happened to have a very productive day. A fair bit pruning and stick bundling, and the backyard’s appearance is vastly improved.

Of course, gardening isn’t all sunshine and roses. Had do some sanitation work after the neighbourhood’s “cute” cats… cute yeah right… where’s my rail gun anyways? You get the point. So I came up with an innovative solution, inspired by Darwinia. Robotic killer ants! Seriously, ants are territorial and in packs are serious problems. The only problems are the anthills, aphids and occasional sting. Robots with little metal pincers, hive mind behaviour, and recall so that I can work without getting my behind pinched… Think about the benefits… I could takeover the world! *gloats*

Finished typing up the legalize… now I have to edit it. Yay!