Nighttime Rambling about the Weekend

Too busy to blog this long weekend. Still I feel a short update is in order for my readers.

Went out on Friday with the Rudy and Olga, to a nice little place in downtown Toronto called West 7. Open 24 hours, nice Italian cuisine, tea candlelights and jazzy-lounge music; basically you can’t go wrong with a formula like that. And they make a mean bruschia. Almost as good as the one I had in a villa in an olive grove overlooking Terni, Perugia. You may be jealous.

Also I got to play around with somemore overhyped AJAX and WSDL web technology. I still think that the entire over-the-web technology needs to move past the whole document and browser interaction paradigm. The KDE 4 promises to change that with their Plasmoid concepts.

Moving on to Saturday, got to hike in Hockley Valley again. Nothing beats walking through forests and old fields. Ok, mosquitoes always suck. But the smells, sounds and sights of nature relax the soul in ways no urban or suburban landscape can. The sound of water rippling by. The sunshine filtering through the cedar forest, filling the air in a sweet woody smell. The flurry of grasshoppers springing up, avoiding your footsteps as you walk through a sun baked pasture. Reconnecting with Nature is an exhilirating and sootheing experience.

I got to reconnect again with Nature today, by attacking our hedge with a pair of shears. This time there was no love lost between me and nature. Almost crashed into a hornet’s nest. Cutting thick branches also sucks. But the hedge is trimmed now.

Kinda jealous that this semester’s web development course at UofT gets to tinker with some pretty neat Web 2.0 ideas. My own web development course of JSP, CGI-Perl and Servlets with database applications feels dated by comparison. I don’t knew all this Ajax and web services stuff as much as I’d like to. Hmm… Another technology to learn?

Anyways, it is 1:14 now and need my sleep for tomorrow’s workday. Night.

Where Did Everyone Go?

Day 6 since handing my last assignment. 4 days to my only and last exam. Already I am wondering where did all my friends disappear to. Half of them probably sank into their textbooks, and wouldn’t come out until the end of April. The other half, already finished decided to leave the city, and possibly even the country. This effectively makes me alone. And I don’t study for exams. Ever.

So basically I get to bum around the house all day, cleaning, gardening and helping renovate the house. My portfolio(s) have to wait until, I finish everything around the house. I doubt it that I will touch any of my work-related work until after next weekend’s the trip to Montreal. Bother. With some chance, I will post a real open source gaming article this next week.

Return of the Blogging Machine

Well I am back… Sorry for the absence, just that things have been abit hectic recently. Life is returning to normality as I get settled into my work schedule. Most of the time I am either plagued by sheer exhaustion or scrambling for time. This adjustment along with the slow, sinking realization of who I am and what I want to be. Everything is slowly snapping into place, painfully. Including my relationship with Kat. I just have to adjust to this slow, excruciating ballet. Make that a ballet on razor sharp needles in a heavy rainstorm.

Anyway, I am holding myself pretty well. I wish I could say the same with my Palm. Apparently Documents to Go refuses to see my work on the expansion card. *chuckles* My Palm causes a bit of discussion at work. People think I use it for gaming… I tried once unsuccessfully emulating SNES and GB games. I guess I have to write up some of my own.

Got up late but I hit the ground running so to speak. Did laundry, lunch and dinner. Also I managed to update Neophyte (my family’s main computer) at the cost of not doing gardening. Mom was naturally thrilled… Anyways tonight is the beginning of this month’s Nocturnal Trio of Hell. Wonder if I will survive Sunday night.

Rather get Flogged

Yay! Nearly a whole day spent whipping this awful legal document that masquerades as my mother’s statement. Simply an atrocious chore. The whole experience with monster is simply a test of a person’s dedication, determination, and sanity. Fortunately I am almost done just one or two revisions tomorrow.

Boring list of work:

In the case of work, did the dishes along with breakfast. Made a great dinner (on time, OMG). And the baked guinea bird came out splendidly. Oh and finally got around to doing the laundry… told you this was a boring list. But hey, just what the lawyer wanted.

So after dinner watched an episode of SG-1. Not a particularly interesting one. Oh well.

Just so that no one calls me lazy, I racked backyard. Finally we have clean yard(s) at home. Tried picking up the heap of old leaves while wearing a dust mask. Not comfy, but no acting up of my infamous mold allergies. Yay! Finished off the day with planting a few pretty yellow and purple pansies. Wish I had a digital camera to show you.


Today was a very nice day. Naturally beautiful weather means time for gardening and general yard work. Fortunately I happened to have a very productive day. A fair bit pruning and stick bundling, and the backyard’s appearance is vastly improved.

Of course, gardening isn’t all sunshine and roses. Had do some sanitation work after the neighbourhood’s “cute” cats… cute yeah right… where’s my rail gun anyways? You get the point. So I came up with an innovative solution, inspired by Darwinia. Robotic killer ants! Seriously, ants are territorial and in packs are serious problems. The only problems are the anthills, aphids and occasional sting. Robots with little metal pincers, hive mind behaviour, and recall so that I can work without getting my behind pinched… Think about the benefits… I could takeover the world! *gloats*

Finished typing up the legalize… now I have to edit it. Yay!

First Dream

Well, I guess this would be my first post…

For thoses, wondering what a mlaren is… It is an imaginary (so far), futuristic ground effect (hovercraft) car used for racing. Yes, one of those FZero racing things, or Pod Racers for all you SW fans. Wish I had one, so I plan to write a small game that one gets to race mlarens on exotic planets. Yes, I enjoy daydreaming too. 😉

Really nothing much happening nowadays. Getting ready for my exams… naturally by hacking up a few snippets of codes for the programming courses. Maybe a few visualizations of data structures for my data structures course.

Can hardly wait for the exams to finish. Then I can concentrate on getting a few open source projects I have started, done. I’m sure you will enjoy them. Maybe.

Anyhow, have to run off and write a letter, and maybe some gardening. The side yard is a bit of a tangled mess.