First Dream

Well, I guess this would be my first post…

For thoses, wondering what a mlaren is… It is an imaginary (so far), futuristic ground effect (hovercraft) car used for racing. Yes, one of those FZero racing things, or Pod Racers for all you SW fans. Wish I had one, so I plan to write a small game that one gets to race mlarens on exotic planets. Yes, I enjoy daydreaming too. 😉

Really nothing much happening nowadays. Getting ready for my exams… naturally by hacking up a few snippets of codes for the programming courses. Maybe a few visualizations of data structures for my data structures course.

Can hardly wait for the exams to finish. Then I can concentrate on getting a few open source projects I have started, done. I’m sure you will enjoy them. Maybe.

Anyhow, have to run off and write a letter, and maybe some gardening. The side yard is a bit of a tangled mess.