Paper Blogs in the Morning’s Gloom

Its raining again. This is not at all unwelcome or surprising. Most people despise rainy days. I don’t. The gray cloudy skies above enhance the colors of the land below by throwing them against a canvas of clouds. Sure I get headaches sometimes with the changing pressure. Still a little bit of pain and discomfort keep you in touch with the reality of living in a shattered Post-Deluvian world. Besides I love the sight of rain. The beads of clear water clinging to the windows. The fog-like spray thrown up by passing vehicles. Just the silver curtain of rain bombarding the dry, crackled clay ground is a relaxing sight.

I had to start early today, as this time I will be commuting by bus. Not fun but necessary. I was surprised to find out that there is an express bus for Hurontario street. This discovery should cut my travel time significantly. Normally Rudy would give me a ride. Sigh… his dropping out courses has left me stranded with taking buses. The carpooling system is not being helpful either. I want a car. Naturally that is not going to happen anytime soon.

These past few days have been busy ones. Yesterday, I did a monumental backup and now I am rebuilding my Gentoo box. It works mostly except for the framebuffer display and the mouse under X. It will take time to get it in production mode. Also my Palm has been left stranded without a Windows box, and I deleted the evil Documents2Go program. Oh well.

I have a fair bit to do before I set foot in school, so I will leave of here.

The Long Dark Night Ahead

There you go! Four hours of sleep, two upgrades and one assignment (Martin’s french work) later… and I am at work. Today I upgraded both Acrobat for Palm OS and Documents to Go which made the files on the expansion card visible again. Had to register and re-register to get the update… bummer.

My headphones are dead so no music. Good news is that I owe university only $100. Still I have so little on my account and need to pay my Dad for the SD card.

I might catch up on some earlier blogs l missed. However I am too tired at the moment. Night all.

Another Short Day

Sigh… another work night. Nothing much happened other than me packing for work and parents bickering at each other again. Updated the Palm using Neophyte. The Documents 2 Go application is still screwing up. Got to work on T-13 tonight which promptly went self-aware. The rest of the night should be interesting.

I think I will name my PDA, ONS Persistence.

Return of the Blogging Machine

Well I am back… Sorry for the absence, just that things have been abit hectic recently. Life is returning to normality as I get settled into my work schedule. Most of the time I am either plagued by sheer exhaustion or scrambling for time. This adjustment along with the slow, sinking realization of who I am and what I want to be. Everything is slowly snapping into place, painfully. Including my relationship with Kat. I just have to adjust to this slow, excruciating ballet. Make that a ballet on razor sharp needles in a heavy rainstorm.

Anyway, I am holding myself pretty well. I wish I could say the same with my Palm. Apparently Documents to Go refuses to see my work on the expansion card. *chuckles* My Palm causes a bit of discussion at work. People think I use it for gaming… I tried once unsuccessfully emulating SNES and GB games. I guess I have to write up some of my own.

Got up late but I hit the ground running so to speak. Did laundry, lunch and dinner. Also I managed to update Neophyte (my family’s main computer) at the cost of not doing gardening. Mom was naturally thrilled… Anyways tonight is the beginning of this month’s Nocturnal Trio of Hell. Wonder if I will survive Sunday night.