Hurt and Tired

I hurt my foot in taekwondo yesterday, after sparring with someone who clearly didn’t understand the hypocrasy of telling me not spar as if I were competing.  The hypocrasy being that she acted as if it was a competition.  So while I’m limping back into shape, I’m going to take it easy on myself the next few days.  Not only am I injured, but I’m tired from lack of sleep.   I pushed myself for the past weeks, but I need to tone it down a notch.  I plan on doing my essential work as it should be done.  But all my other nice-to-have tasks and projects, I will treat as nice to haves.

Heel Dragging

Oh man… today is one of those days.  Not because it is a Friday.  Not because that this weekend too looks busy.  No.  I just can’t seem to wake up and come with anything cohesive today.  And yet I have a staggering amount of work to get done today.  So everything feels a bit forced.  Including this update.  I’m really just dragging my heels today, because it feels like they couldn’t be bothered to get up today.

I still have a few e-mails to finish, and phone calls to make.  And there goes my chair.  Frack.  Today will be a long day, with lots of things to setup and get right.  But I just that things will kind of go my way today.

Forced March

Another quick update on the writing.  I managed to write up the second thread/part of chapter one.  I am not in the mood for writing today actually.  But I’m going to force myself to keep writing.  Once I have the entire book on paper I can agonize over it later.  Content first, editing later.  Anyways I must continue.

In other news, I’m a bit tired, worn down and honestly don’t give a damn about many things.  Too much crap happening in my life.  Eveything feels like I am in a vicious cycle.  And all my “solutions” aren’t helping more than just coping.  Life goes on, progress does happen but I’m bitter.  Please excuse the fatalistic drama.  Life is becoming a bit of a forced march.

Long Day

Wow, today seemed to drag on forever. Assignments, assignments and more assignments. Good thing I am behind in only one class now. I look forward to doing a real push into this week’s work. Well at least I finished my writing.

My mind is empty tonight. I can only think about sleep.

[Edit]I looked at my Technorati rating… and it is low. Oh and I hates bots that do comment spam.

Dog-Tired Day

Well hell did come to tea today. I was so tired at work that it was ridiculous. Tired like a dog. Fortunately I got to work on a good machine and a slow product. Managed to survive, barely. Almost finished with my backlog of blogs. Yay! Couldn’t find my glasses so I had to use some older ones. Ouch!

Got back home and crashed into bed. I later got up just to make food.

Another Short Day

Sigh… another work night. Nothing much happened other than me packing for work and parents bickering at each other again. Updated the Palm using Neophyte. The Documents 2 Go application is still screwing up. Got to work on T-13 tonight which promptly went self-aware. The rest of the night should be interesting.

I think I will name my PDA, ONS Persistence.

Tired and Half Dead.

So tired… got only 4.5 hours of sleep today. My eyes are really in pain, and the rest of me wants sleep badly.

Got up at an ungodly 5:30 (after hitting the sack at ~1:15). Tired like hell… swear I could count the number of times my neurons synapsed. It felt like walking in a watery dream… even the air is as thick as water.

Anyhow… managed to get to work on time with my Dad. Had a “safety” workshop, training, whatever. Boring stuff. Had to fill out multiple quizzes, and things… before it was just look at a few irritating videos. Today they had the works. The government must of given them hell for that nasty pinching accident that happened a few months ago. So now the HR folks tortured us with the all things… mind never mentioning revalant details… only generalized guidelines. Sad. Very sad.

Became bitter after finding out that the job I might of had there was gone because of management’s incompetence. I would love to say what I feel about the person responsible… but that would be simply a string of 16-25 nasty words strung together. Let your imagination run wild. Still I am disappointed that a desk job with maintenance could of been mine, instead of running like a dog in production. Want to cry. Another hell of a summer. Only this time I have to make sure Mother and my brother are taken care of ahead of time. If I don’t snap half way through… I will end up turning into an emotionless machine. Great, dehumanization. Lovely. Can hardly wait. The only problem is sentience… otherwise I would make the perfect Atari powered drone.

To top it all off I got lost on my way back home. Wasted money on multiple bus fares, taking scenic routes, and time waiting for something to happen. Mind you Pearson International Airport is lovely this time of year. Except when you are going around in circles. But circles are lovely too. (Side note: amazing how many Arabic women work in airport security… no comment just observation). By the time I reached familiar territory I was tired. My neural activity simply plummeted… feeling like undead… can’t die, can’t live.

That part of the day is over… actually I will call that a day. I will pretend that the rest of the day is another new day. Lets see how that turns out.