First Snow, Last Month

I got up this morning, and saw light snow cover on the rooftops and ground.  The sun shone and so the snow-that reminder of December and winter-disappeared as quickly as it appeared.  Today marks the first day of the month of December and the second day of the week.  Nothing of particular relevance in the grand scheme of things.  Maybe I tie too much value in a particular day or time of year.  Still as I looked at the snow, I felt I had come full circle from last year.  A year of running around, of trials, tribulations and experiences.  Feeling older… am I wiser for it?  I do feel I am colder and less accepting.

As I stared at the snow, I wondered if all my efforts in the various aspects of my life simply melt away under a harsh sun.  I wondered if I made in-roads at work, at parties and in my life.  An answer forms in my head, but not a clear resounding yes.  But neither a draining no.  Rather a confused jumble of yes and no, some gains but at what losses.

As I stared at the snow, I realized how little time I have left before Advent rushes by.  Soon Christmas and New Year’s Day will arrive.  There is so much to do and I want a new start in the new year.  Time flies and each day disappears like last night’s snow in a year’s sun.

Early Morning Report for Those Who Can’t Sleep…

I finally managed to steal some time to blog again. It is the morning too, so not everything might sound coherent.

So the past few weeks have been exacting on me. My life has become a bit of a gaming sprint. Not that I game as much as I used to. No. Rather each day feels like a gaming sprint with a schedule as follows: I wake up at 5 AM each morning, arrive at work at 6, do some personal stuff from 6 to 8, work like a dog for my client from 8 to 4 PM, travel home and work like a dog at home until near midnight-ish. Then rinse and repeat every workday for the past 2 maybe 3 weeks. It is getting tiring. Productive. But tiring.

I am still trying to organize a LUG in Brampton. But the guys on Facebook claiming to already operate one in the region, don’t look like they are doing much in that regard. So if you are in Brampton and like/love/hate Linux then come out December 16 at 8 PM to the Coffee Culture. I plan on putting up some flyers too.

Also writing and coding are off to the side right now. I still need to catch on important life/reality based stuff first. However I think my original TODO list is nearing completion for this year. I might need to revise the dates when I plan on actually finishing stuff. I reckon everything will be done before Q2 of 2009. Look at me talk like some corporate drone. 🙂

Anyways, I will try to update this blog more often. I think life should quiet down after Christmas.