BBLUG in Review

Ok, so I didn’t expect BBLUG to go off without a hitch.  However it doesn’t seem like a Linux or BSD-only tech group is all that interesting.  I’m still debating whether or not to continue this LUG experiment.  Maybe we can start a computer group, but that is really not my interest nor do I have a ton of spare time for organizing a general group.  I blame it partially on my lack of advertising.  But also maybe the FOSS environment is not as exciting to others as I thought.  KDE 4, Compiz, Maemo, Linux are all interesting technologies, and is interesting to see the how FOSS newcomers react to seeing alternative computing ecosystems.  However computing is at the end of the day an enabling technology.  The technology itself while interesting, doesn’t look as interesting as what you can do with it.

Still… thanks to Rudy and Ryan who came out yesterday.  I’m glad I wasn’t the only person at the meeting.  Next time, lets just go out somewhere to chill.

The First Brampton BLUG Meeting Tomorrow!

Eugene and I decided to start up a Brampton BSD-Linux User Group (BBLUG!).  This will hopefully grow into a community of open source enthusiasts in the Brampton and Mississauga region.  While we are competing in theory with the folks at GTALUG and WGTALUG, this is more of bring something to Brampton.  I know there is a Brampton LUG group on Facebook.  However I tried contacting them, but it doesn’t look like they are all that active.

So tomorrow @ 8PM, we plan on meeting up in the Coffee Culture for 2 hours.  If you are an enthusiast of Linux or BSD and live in the Brampton area, feel free to drop by.

OK, I should of announced this meeting much earlier.  I’ll try to do a better job of advertising the meetings next time.  I planned on putting up ads for this but… I kept putting it off.  Sorry. 🙁

Early Morning Report for Those Who Can’t Sleep…

I finally managed to steal some time to blog again. It is the morning too, so not everything might sound coherent.

So the past few weeks have been exacting on me. My life has become a bit of a gaming sprint. Not that I game as much as I used to. No. Rather each day feels like a gaming sprint with a schedule as follows: I wake up at 5 AM each morning, arrive at work at 6, do some personal stuff from 6 to 8, work like a dog for my client from 8 to 4 PM, travel home and work like a dog at home until near midnight-ish. Then rinse and repeat every workday for the past 2 maybe 3 weeks. It is getting tiring. Productive. But tiring.

I am still trying to organize a LUG in Brampton. But the guys on Facebook claiming to already operate one in the region, don’t look like they are doing much in that regard. So if you are in Brampton and like/love/hate Linux then come out December 16 at 8 PM to the Coffee Culture. I plan on putting up some flyers too.

Also writing and coding are off to the side right now. I still need to catch on important life/reality based stuff first. However I think my original TODO list is nearing completion for this year. I might need to revise the dates when I plan on actually finishing stuff. I reckon everything will be done before Q2 of 2009. Look at me talk like some corporate drone. 🙂

Anyways, I will try to update this blog more often. I think life should quiet down after Christmas.