Update – A Week in Review

This has been quite a busy week in hindsight.  I managed to build up my portfolio and work on my professional image.  I managed to restart my coding and writing projects.  And I’ve finished up on my correspondences.  I look back and I’m quite proud of my achievements.  I just wish I could move such mountains on a regular basis.

Gee… I Feel like a Tree

No I mean it. I feel like a tree, and everybody wants a piece of me. Turns out that for all my well made plans, all of my last assignments happen to be group endeavours. And even with my best laid plans, it seems that the meeting times for my groups coalesced into a single time.

Right now I am in a lull between work. And hoped that today would be the day I relaxed and finished my writing portfolio. Not the case. Right now I am working on a network security assignment, on standby for my business of computing group and trying to get some writing in. Oh and in about an hour and a half, I scheduled a meeting with my library assignment group. Bad idea.

If I can get one assignment done, from beginning to end today, I will be ecstatic. I fear this week will be the week of sleepless nights. So coding, writing, research and even more writing. I will be lucky if I don’t get RSI from all this typing.

And I remember a time when Sundays were considered days of rest and reflection. The good news is that the writing block is gone. Mostly.