What’s Next?

The weekend turned out hectic but productive enough.  I enjoyed the company Christmas party on Saturday night.  Great venue, pretty fun, love the concept of an open bar. 😛 This morning marks the start of a hectic week, which I hope will mean my finally catching up on all my overdo communications and organizational work.  At work it looks like a lot of loose ends need tying.  And a certain client is being demanding again…  So this week will be “fun”.

Still… last week saw my catching up on many things.  Hopefully we’ll have a repeat this week, only less stressful and more productive. 🙂

Update – A Week in Review

This has been quite a busy week in hindsight.  I managed to build up my portfolio and work on my professional image.  I managed to restart my coding and writing projects.  And I’ve finished up on my correspondences.  I look back and I’m quite proud of my achievements.  I just wish I could move such mountains on a regular basis.

Poised to Strike

A week has past since my first full day in Canada, after my vacation.  Somethings have changed, but others have not.  No life changing changes so I can get back to my usual life.  Almost everything is back to normal, but I am not quite back to my daily routines.  Hence the lack of daily blog posts.  Hopefully I can get back to blogging and keeping up with all the small routines I used to do.  However, I feel that I’m almost ready to take on a larger project.   Unlike last time, I will not try to complicate things by juggling too much.  That would be too stressful and too distracting.  I do have my eye on getting back to my novel writing though.  I feel I’m ready this time to move my projects forward substantially.