New Feature: Feature Articles

Starting with hopefully tomorrow, I want to introduce a new feature to this blog. I would like present a few articles about the game development, the open source/free culture world, and computing in general. Hopefully, I can share with you some ideas I notice as a person who lives and breathes in these three, often quite different universes. The plan is to present an article a week. How well this will go we will see.

Also I plan on releasing posts on a regular, daily basis. Again since I am subject to the laws of space, time and entropy, I will admit that I might be too busy or unable to post. However, I will try to conform to both the universe and offer a consistent interesting reading material for my readers.

Finally, as a favour I again ask anyone who reads this blog, and is brave to post a comment. I tried using Technorati, and other tools… but I find it impossible to track my audience. Are you guys silently lurking in the shadows or are you?

Another Half-Day

Most of the day I slept through. And when I woke up it didn’t get any better. House work and almost complete sanctions on computing devices. Feel so left out from the rest of the world. Life. Bother. Everyone seems pissed off at me. Wish I had my own house.

Hoping to get my Palm fixed soon. Well… until then I will write on it.

Approaching Freedom

Well its nighttime… and I am bored out of my mind. There is nothing to do except to think about tomorrow’s freedom, what the machine is doing and finally about other non-trivial but unimportant issues.

Such as this rant: My musings about the operation of the human mind on a “fundmental” level:

~ has a parallel threads (each discrete thoughts).
~ has a single unified event (sensory) handler.
~ has a repository of facts and processes.
~ every repository can be sub repository of a larger repository.
~ has a priority heap of tasks or conscious actions.
~ abstraction framework (go try to model this one CS boys).
~ logic/negation framework.
~ emotions reactions to state and conditions of priorities and goals.

No question about it I am bored.