Rain on my Window

Morning again. The rain outside gentle patters on my windows, smearing the world into a watercolour-like painting. Dream-like. Same way I feel today. Nevertheless I must quicken my typing if I want to get anything else done this morning. I will probably be going on a pleasant 2-3 day camping and kayaking trip along the Masquash river so this maybe the last entry I will have time to write before the eve of school.

Yesterday, I managed to sneak in a bit of preparatory work for university. I managed to switch a course that I by mistake chose. Later on in the evening I convinced Rudy one of my friends who gave me rides last year to class. Now all I need is someway of returning on Wednesday back home. I am also planning to get a new wireless card, as I will not have the time to fix the old one. Other than that I just need to get into two tutorial sections, and get my books. As for actually reading up before coming to my first lecture. Well that is not going to happen probably.

Unfortunately I could not get anything done on my software projects due to lack of time. I do not know if I will be able to work on them again until next week. And only then when I do not have any assignments or course work to do. On the plus side I managed to write up almost all of the factions that will be in my novel. As for a glossary of made-up words. Well I will leave that for later as I write the novel. Its kind of unfortunate that I can not bring my laptop with me for the trip, as I would be able to get more writing accomplished that way. Sigh…

Yesterday, I walked down a beautiful white sandy beach around the Long Point region. The soft squishy feeling of my feet impacting with the wet sand that stretched down the surf. A fresh breeze blew from across the lake, whipping the water into turquoise and indigo waves. The tan, foaming, sand laid-en breakers rushed up and down the beach. Every so often, a larger wave flowed over my feet up past my ankles with such force, that the water sloshed up onto my knees. And so I walked down the beach in a leisurely pace. The sun blazing in the clear sapphire sky. The wind tugging at me. And the surf washing over my feet.

Then we went to London, to see my brother’s orthodontist. He also asked to see me, and said that my backward jaw was also fixable. Yes, overbites without the use of surgery. The cost… $5800. Ouch. Out of my own pocket. Ouchie-ouchie-ouch! Then forth to the local Costco where I found a tempting offer. Twenty dollars for Myst IV. I only left it for the sake of my own project, Insomia, so that the game’s ideas would not influence my own. Sigh…

The rain has stopped outside. Now the world is clear to see through the minute drops that cling to my window. Time to move on.