Tieing Loose Ends Together

Its been another busy day.  I’m wishing it was more productive in terms of work.  But I did arrange and find out all the information I needed to find out.  I wrote some e-mails, learned about EJBs, and a few other odds and ends here and there.  I guess it one of those days to inspire and gather the loose bits together, and tie it altogether.  Still upbeat and fairly optimistic even thought I have enough reason to feel bummed out today.

I wish could write up something more concrete but nothing comes to mind.  Oh well off to play soccer now.  That should hopefully clear my mind and refresh my soul.

A Hacking Day

I look outside at the gloomy rain clouds.  Strains of ambient forlorn music echoes in my ears.  On one side of the laptop rests my mouse and smartphone.  On the other, an empty coffee mug.  And such the scene is set.  I type these words.  Today tingles with anticipation.  The anticipation of work done, task accomplished.  Each job, task, chore feels less like work and more like a puzzle, game, entertainment.  I feel like I’m hacking, cracking, smashing the universe’s stack.  Time for some fun.  Today is a hacking day.  Enjoy.