Odds and Ends and Everything in Between

When one ought to go sleep, but instead insists on staying up to finish one more thing… than one is an workaholic.  But who am I kidding here?  My excuse is really that I’ve realized that this week is a crucial crunch week.  And that once things are done, I can take things a bit easier.

So why am I posting this instead of finishing off my odds and ends?  And getting some sleep?  I want to start some good habits that I want to carry out through the new year and beyond.  One of them is writing everyday, and moving forward on my long overdue tasks.  Hence this is today’s blog entry.  I apologize if it sounds like filler but it isn’t.  Anyways, now I really need to finish work and get some sleep.  Good night and good day!

Tieing Loose Ends Together

Its been another busy day.  I’m wishing it was more productive in terms of work.  But I did arrange and find out all the information I needed to find out.  I wrote some e-mails, learned about EJBs, and a few other odds and ends here and there.  I guess it one of those days to inspire and gather the loose bits together, and tie it altogether.  Still upbeat and fairly optimistic even thought I have enough reason to feel bummed out today.

I wish could write up something more concrete but nothing comes to mind.  Oh well off to play soccer now.  That should hopefully clear my mind and refresh my soul.