Regret and Rejoice

Lets play a little game that I know call “Regret and Rejoice”.  I regret not posting an update yesterday to my blog.  I rejoice that this morning my mind thought cloudy and numb, is alert enough to come up with a post.  I regret staying up so late, cause my mind is foggy now.  Yet I rejoice since I overslept yesterday evening and still managed to perform most of the tasks I sat out for myself.  Still, I regret not coming up with saner sleep/wake schedules that would avoid my crashing and sleeping at strange times.  I should rejoice since I probably won’t have to think too much and maybe can reset my errant schedule today.

I regret that the first two pieces of news I heard of today is that of the anniversary of Tiananmen Square and the finding of debris of the recently disappeared jetliner.  I rejoice that the Chinese enjoy more freedom today than before.  I regret that the Chinese government still does evil to its society.  I rejoice that in the West, we can talk freely about and remember the massacre.  I regret that in China, no one seems to remember or care.  I rejoice that parts of the plane were found in the ocean today.  I regret that this story happened, I’d rather hear no such story and have all the parts of the plane and its passenger landed safely in their intended destination.

I rejoice that I can end this silly post now, and now will finally catch up on work yet not done.