Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday.  What a day it was.  Started off with a dentist, ended up with me walking through slush in the driving wet snow.  Not exactly the funnest of days.  But I guess appropriate for the beginning of Lent.

I’ve decided that this Lent, I will work on resolving a nagging deep personal issue.  I will not go into the details, but it is a serious issue that needs resolving.  Along the way, I also want to dedicate more of my time and works to the Lord.  After He gave me all my gifts, my life and everything.  It is only fair I do something in return.

I plan on doing a lot of writing and editing of writing, inspired by Catholic faith.  I think this will not only be a good direction for my spiritual development, but also my personal too.  Considering that I am an editor of the Alexandrian and a writer it just makes sense.  And also the amazing comments from my readers… I feel like I should do this:

So my plan is to spend my free time each day writing a part of my novel, or working on the next issue of the Alexandrian, or working on expanding the magazine.  Hopefully by Easter, I will have a quite collection of work that I can offer up.  And for the benefit of my readers and friends.

Think Outside the Box!

Yes, the title has nothing to do with what happened today. But than again, I am all for random, and spontaneous titles (and behaviour). Anyhow… getting back to reality…

Another day went by; and was pretty much like yesterday. Later on during the night, I played a fair bit of Darwinia. Hence, getting up was a problem. Later on went on to beat two more levels today. Getting harder, and longer, but thanks to a number of acquisitions, and stratagems I have survived fairly well. Even thought I had a few raging battles, and a number of ugly surprises. I sort of gotten tired of the game, so I am going to let age for a few days. Just don’t want its novelty to rub simply by over-gaming. Yes, it is possible to game too long. 😉

Actually the last few levels in Darwinia have kept me on my toes. The battles are getting more vicious, mobile and having multiple fronts. Thank goodness for the Armour weapons… and the increased tech levels. Sigh I could write a book on my experiences… 😉

Right now, I am sitting with seven pages of legalize Engrish, and I have to edit it into a spanking, understandable, legal statement of my mother’s accident. Yuck is the word. So I will reenter into electronic format and then hack my way through it. I must sharpen my stylus, and bust out my red pen. And maybe a revision control system… (OK that is taking it too far). Anyhow, that is my new black op. YAY!

Hmmm… got to mod this site one of these days… (foreshadowing)