War§ow for the Win!

Refactoring code and sending out resumes can get boring after a while. And while working inside of KDE 4 with all its prettiness and ease-of-use helps one be more productive… sometimes you need to be unproductive to be productive. Trust me it makes sense. Its like a zen koan or Ancient Greek paradox.

Thats where a fun game called War§ow comes into play. For gamers out there, its a cell-rendered Quake/Unreal Tournament arena-like based on surprise, surprise: the Quake 2 engine. A heavily modified Quake 2 engine but still looks great. For Ubuntu users, its already in the repositories: just grab warsow. For freedom crusaders (sorry LugRadio had to borrow that one), its free software under the GPL! But most of all its a fun, fun multiplayer FPS game for Linux.

Heres a pro-gamer match played on Warsow: