The New “Mojave” Experiment

I have a few friends working at Microsoft.  And a usual conversation goes in the direction of which is better Microsoft or Linux.  Then the flames roll in from across the horizon, and everyone ends up agreeing in disagreeing.  I’m planning to bring this fight to the next level. With any luck this will end up on the Linux Hater’s Blog. So in valiant attempt at freetard glory and to fire the next salvo in this eternal epic battle, I present the following:

The link to the original ZDNet Austrialia article is [here].  From this video we learn that: KDE 4 kicks ass (thanks KDE and Qt devs), Aussie geeks also have a sense of humour, people like flashy, swirly things, Windows 7 soooo ripped off KDE 4, and that we can learn absolutely nothing from silly experiments.