Weekends in Toronto, Weekdays on the Run

The sun is way up in the sky, already changed its colour four times (red, orange, yellow and now whitish yellow thanks to atmospheric effects on the light of a Class G star).  I on the other hand, woke up, scrambled to get ready, drank a coffee and am trying to catch up.  My life has become busy again.  But in a good way for once.  I’m too busy to occupy my mind with wandering thoughts or sad navel gazing.  Instead I get to occupy myself with the sole goal of squeezing as much out of the time I have each day.  And also making my life richer.

So where does the busyiness come from?  From doing things and meeting people of course!

This Saturday after a round of volleyball and cutting the grass, I met up with Caroline in downtown Toronto.  I didn’t realize that Toronto had its own Times Square-like square.  I’m talking about the Younge and Dundas Square.  While it has a less than original name, it is just as busy as its New York counterpart.  People milling about, large screens flashing ads, street musicians playing, et cetera.  I rushed into the square when I got there, expecting to be the one to be late.  However as usual, Caroline arrived fashionably late so I didn’t need to apologize. 😀

After a round of mango bubble tea and some computer shopping, we went to watch Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.  Now I’m not a huge fan of chick flicks.  But this one movie was pretty good.  In essence a Christmas Carole-style plot about a “player” who has to get in touch with his feelings, the realization of how many ladies he hurt in his long line of escapades and maybe come to grips with the person who really loves him.  Anyways I won’t say more to not ruin the plot for those who haven’t seen it.  I enjoyed it.

After the movie, I lost and found my cellphone. Duh!  And we went out for dinner at the Richtree.  Good food, interesting concept, and of course wonderful company.  And we ended the day with almost-midnight tea.  Thanks Caroline.

Yesterday was a busy day of yard and kitchen work oddly enough.  And so while I needed to reply to a bunch of e-mails, and get some other work done… I simply fell asleep from sheer exhaustion.  So today I must deal with my inbox, finish some unfinished business and get around to dealing with my more long term projects.  Ok, so I’m off now… later this week I have a few events planned, and I need to plan some more.  So while I’m busy, I’m happy to be rid of those quiet, relatively uneventful days.