The Madness Caused by Hot Weather

Its true. Hot weather can make things to awry. The laptop that hoped to finish today, needed a reinstall due to a bad partition scheme. I ran out of room for /. And had too much for /home. Sigh. Now the wireless card seems to… not wanting to work. Its irritating.

Just as irritating as this single day of hot weather, was my quest for a desktop search. Strigi as it turned out, crashed all the time. Tracker did not integrate at all with KDE. I am aware about kio-find, but I don’t have time to deal with dependencies and compiling. kio-find is not in the Ubuntu universe, hence useless for me. And Beagle, well its bad and sucks all over. The idea of using Mono, and not providing decent backends to say search pdfs and odt files, just does not work for me. So for now I will stick with the known devil of Google Desktop. Hopefully the next release of Kubuntu will solve this issue.

The only success today was installing Halo. Yes, Halo does work very well under Wine. Except for the mouse lag, which drives a gamer like myself mad. Oh and I finished playing Quake 4… by cheating. 🙁

Well enough rambling for today. Must get up early tomorrow, and get real work done.