Panic Supression and Firefighting

Day 3 of Hell week #1.
At least the security assignment is out of the way. I wish I could say the same about the library research assignments. Moral of the story: Don’t take too many assignment/paper courses in one term, and verify that the courses assignments are before the frigging midterm comes. Well too late now.

Got back to writing/editing articles today. Writing free-form seems to give me a morale boost, whenever I do so. So does blogging apparently. Only 5 more classes, 10 more assignments (half of them from writing), 3 more exercises and 3 exams. Then a nice break, from school.

I wonder what I will do during the break. Working part-time definitely. Partying? If I am lucky. Maybe I will get some book writing or coding done. But first things first, assignments. With those out of the way, the panic and constant firefights will all go away.

Hell Week

Sigh… so many assignments all due this week. And next week. And then it is over. I feel excited, anxious and tired just thinking about it. These next two weeks will be hellish. But if I make it… I will regain my sanity.

Why I am blogging this… right now… I guess… I don’t know. I wonder if I am up to the task. Fortunately, today, meeting people has spurred me on. Well… we will see if it works out.