Hello Again Identi.ca!

It seems that all the cool kids are using Twitter nowadays.  Then again what passes as cool now sounds more like either being different for different sakes.  Or that you use or do things that are “cool” or trendy or interesting to the mass public at the moment.  Rarely the cool, trendy or different thing is actually interesting or innovative or world-changing as much as it something that is well marketed.

As for myself I’m on Twitter because there are a lot of people that are not on my favourite microblogging platform: Identi.ca!  With Twitter being a bit more accessible on my Android smartphone and the smaller crowd on Identi.ca, I sort of stopped using it for a bit.  However that will change.  I prefer Identi.ca because it is libre software and my data is not held hostage in some corporation’s database.  I’ve updated my Identi.ca handle, wired up my microblogging widgets back to Identi.ca (and Twitter).  Now I plan on using it more often, and pushing my blog updates through Identi.ca first and then on to the other three popular social media that I use.  If everything goes as planned y’all should be able to read this post in a few moments after I publish it… right now. 🙂

Now We Return to Your Regular Programming

Any writer who keeps on promising to write more regularily but doesn’t is a scoundrel and a rascal. I leave it as an exercise to the reader about what that makes me.

So I tried microblogging, like all the cool Web 2.0 kids do. Unfortunately for me I can’t blog about many things for a multitude: legal, personal, client confidentiality. What gets left are random bits and the boring and mundane. Even the little experiment of Day X of 2010, was a fun way of writing good soundbites but honestly I ran out of creative and witty quotes. I prefer long form writing. And only at random time when my muse whispers something interesting in my ear. I know very artsy of me.

Short story long: I’m back to just plain old blogging, on no day in particular and not particularly long. Enjoy.

Things That Work, Things That Don’t

As usual I like to experiment on various hacks to improve myself and enrich my life. Actually recently I have been actively trying to distract my mind from other issues. Along the way I like to record what worked and what didn’t.

Blogging on a touchscreen cellphone works as a compromise of convenience. Writing on a physical keyboard works better. I don’t end up pressing wrong letters and rewriting words. But carrying an IT strains my pocket more. And carrying a phone is far more useful. Besides the IT is still in an unusable state at the moment. Hmm… Another call looks like in order.

Microblogging works less well. It acts more like a distraction, than a useful form of communication such as an instant messenger or social network site. Besides just like Marika I prefer to blog in the long format.
Ok… I’m drawing a blank on what to write next. Oh right, keeping todos on my site works better than on the builtin PIM on the  5800. TaskFreak works really well. All I need is a syncing client for the todo list on my cell. Maybe I should write one as my first Qt project. Hmm…

Additionally, I am striving to incorporate regular exercise into my life. It helps to clear my mind and to keep me fit. In the winter, I used to play indoor volleyball. Nowadays I’ve switched over to taekwondo and soon, soccer. Exercise really does work, so long as it is packaged in the fun form of a sport.