Enter the Grumbles

Marika likes to ramble.  And I like to grumble.  Not because I’m a negative or enjoy complaining.  But I find a guilty pleasure of grumbling my annoyances.  In fact I know I shouldn’t.  But I feel like it nonetheless.  Also I really am at a loss of what to write about… but grumbling… that comes naturally.

The day started off in an annoying manner.  I could not wake up early, so I’ll have to stay at work longer today.  This I blame myself for my not sleeping last day.  I find it a more convenient schedule to come in early, and leave early.  Alas that did not occur today.  The weather decided that wet, cold and windy would be the fashion for today.  Wet and cold being my least favourite combination of the four possible weather combinations (hot, cold, wet and dry).  So this morning I trudged out to work.

Once I got into the office, I remembered that I forgot to bring food.  So part of my earnings have helped the two fast food places survive the difficult economic situation.  While I ate, I realized that the provincial government in their valiant efforts to prop up the economy.   At least the economy of our dear friends in traffic enforcement… and ironically the manufacturers of Bluetooth devices.  I read that the government proclaimed that the use of cellphones and any other electronic gadgets while driving is now verbotten!  My first reactions was great, no more idiots talking on their cellphones when driving.  But Bluetooth devices are allowed… so… said drivers will still be distracted.  And the juggling of Tim Horton’s coffee and doughnuts while driving still is permitted.  And there a geniune times when driving and using a cellphone is either harmless or beneficial.  Like in a traffic jam… Or to report traffic conditions, or deal with really urgent calls.  Anyways… our dear nanny/government agents have just invented yet another arbitrary  reason for intruding upon and controlling people’s lives.  Joy.

I dove into technology hoping that at least that would frustrate me less.  Well no… I had to fiddle with Nokia’s PC Suite to upload music back onto my cellphone.  In the efforts of efficiency, I thought I could upload all my music in two goes.  And in the second the application I assumed would gracefully skip the tracks that were the same.   Well no.  I was wrong.  It did ask whether to overwrite or not… but rather than continue… it just stopped.  So I ended up getting it to overwrite all my tracks.  It took an hour to do, and drained my poor cell’s battery.  So no listening to music on my commute back.  And I discovered that while Nokia seemingly wrote their phone management programs in Qt… the applications don’t have a Linux equivalent.  Bother.

Finally, everyday I get to work with my company’s technology… which can be fun.  I can’t talk about it too much.  Lets just say I never saw how dragging and dropping parts of a program was faster, easier or less error prone than just typing out reams of code.  I really don’t.  And I have to use this tool, regardless of much I grumble or sigh. :s

Well that is about it for today.  I’m sure I’ll find more to grumble about more after work… but I’m hoping that I’m wrong.