Trekking through a Paintballed Wasteland

Wow, this weekend was a busy one.  This week it looks like I have to start on those long term goals and not just talk about them.  So I’ll keep the next couple of posts relatively short.


What better way to end the workweek and begin the weekend, but with friends.  I went out with Rudy and Olga after work.  The original plan of hanging out in Toronto somehow morphed into hanging out in Mississauga.  We started off with dinner at Prince, a great Japanese restaurant near my work (I had lunch there too, for which the waitress gave me some grief for).  Teriyaki made at the cooking table, drowned with sake.  Yum!  After that we wanted to catch a showing of the new Star Trek movie.  But we needed to kill time first.  So coffee and pastries at the Panera Bread bakery near SquareOne mall was in order.  After that we all watched Star Trek.  Now I’m not a big Star Trek fan.  I watched a few of the movies and a bit of the series, but never religiously like I do with the Stargate series.  The new Star Trek was definitely not very Trekky.  The movie essentially boiled down to a science fiction action flick in the Star Trek universe.  Fun, enjoyable and rather pointless.  And to finish the night a slice of pizza and a nighttime stroll along Mississauga’s Lakeshore.


Saturday turned out more relaxed.  Got up late, played a round of volleyball and did some work around the house.  Went to church in the evening, because my Sunday was already booked.


Apres Saturday, the deluge.  A deluge of paintballs flying in my general direction.  A bunch of us VisionMAXers went up to Wasaga Paintball Park for a few rounds of paintball.  The weather was cold, but warm enough for paintball.  Having never done paintball, I thought I would do worse.  However all those hours of FPS and archery paid off.  The initial games saw me get shot early on (airplay attack & defence, Wild West and Tank Attack).  As a scout/attacking player I naturally push up to engage my opponents.  Which meant I drew fire first, while the rest of the team held back (as happened on Ridge Runner).  But all this culminated in my taking out most of the enemy team in close quarters in one round of Blackhawk Town.  Team work and cover fire enabled me to outflank the enemy.  Once inside the fort, I made my way around the fort singling out and eliminating players.  At the end of the round I wound up with my own collection of kills. 🙂  I ended the day with a suicidal charge in the last round.  This may explain the large number of welts on my legs and hands 😀

After paintball, most of us grabbed a bite to eat at Wasaga Beach and headed home.  A few minutes after I got home, I passed out in exhaustion.  I’m just hoping that next weekend will be as fun as this weekend.

Reflections in the Rain

Rainy days put me in an reflective mood.  Or maybe I’m just in a reflective mood recently.  I don’t know.

It is raining outside.  Rain drops pitter and patter on the sidewalk.  On the buildings standing against the pale grey sky.  On the cars passing by.  On the people busy in their everyday lifes.  I like the rain.  Yes, days like today make me sleepy.  But the greyness brings all the colours out.  The pale grey becomes a canvas on which bright coloured things stand out, while the dark ones fade into the ether.  And every surface becomes shiny and reflective like a mirror.  People say that the rain falls down when Heaven cries.  But are they are tears of sadness or of joy?

I’m am joyful today.  I powered up my new cellphone today.  Still need to get a provider and a SIM card, but it looks like a fun toy and tool.  Today I also finished quite a few tasks.  Most of the documentation I need to read at work, I read.  Soon I will get to play around with Perl.  In fact my task involves learning object-oriented Perl.  Nice!  Also went to Prince today and had a huge meal… and sake. 😛  So I’m in a really, really good mood today.  😀  And I sort out my IT troubles with Nokia yesterday…  Today is a good day.

Now to make the day perfect, I just need to finish off some more old tasks.  And start working on my projects.  Also I need to do some trip planning!

Funny, I just read how SGI got bought out.  Funny cause I remember going to an open house at the IAOD, for a computer graphics course.  A very expensive course that required every student to buy a copy of Maya and a SGI rig.  Funny how things worked out.  I now work in an industry with a lot more stable and well-paying work than the graphics artist could ever provide.  And my sad little Intel x86 computers can replace the SGI rig.  And a copy of Blender can replace Maya.  Funny how everyone with some time and talent can now start work as a graphics artist.