Just to Write

I feel as if this blog were a summer residence of sorts.  I do not live on it.  I do visit often or as often as I’d like to.  And when I do I first must dust the cobwebs, and vacuum the dust before I can do what I really want to.  What I really want to do is write.  Write and write with near abandon.  Just the shear joy of writing makes if worthwhile to write.  Just like this post.  This post is a creation of spontaneity and a love of the art.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.

Unfortunately, today like many days are filled with non-writing tasks.  Clearing the decks, organizing the mess of everyday, healing myself of this *ahem* nasty cold.  But how I yearn to write just like in the old days.  A keyboard on a strong wooden table, in sunlight or the light of a desktop lamp.  I know… what can I say… I am if not a romantic.

That is all.  I just wanted to share this with my readers.  That and the realization that I should spend less time dealing with the chores I am not interested with.  And spend more time doing things more beneficial to all.

I am also lucky to have met someone, who has helping me challenge my thoughts of what I do.  And to pursue the passions that I have.  I think I shall have to do just that.  One of those things is write more and worry less.  You can’t please everyone with your writing.  And you never will.  The moral of the story is to write about things important to you.  Enjoy the journey and do not worry if you please others.  I shall have to do just that.