Running Along the Mirror’s Edge

I apologize for not posting anything yesterday.  For once I could not write anything useful, incitiful or positive.  So I decided not to write.  Or rather my inaction made it so I didn’t.

Today is different.  Emotions now ran their course.  Tranquility.

This morning I decided to try something different.  I bought a copy of Mirror’s Edge a while ago.  However life and other things took precedence, while gaming took an aside.  Also when I originally first started the game, I turned up the graphics.  This reduced the performance and made the game less response and harder to play.  An interesting level difficulty mechanic you say.  Still I put off playing for a while.

Today I turned down the visual effects and graphics.  And I started playing.  Now I know why I fell in love at first sight with this game.  Atmosphere.  Ambience.  While at first the screen effects seemed odd, once the action really started, it all made sense.  I stopped being Dorian sitting in front of a laptop.  I was Faith.  A Runner in city just running, trying to survive as the odds stacked against.  Running from the assaults of men chasing a girl whose only crime was her being there.

It is a beautiful story.  And one that strikes accord with me.  Everyday the city, the world I live in slowly slips ambilavence to an easy life.  While men with evil intensions destroy civilization and society for their own selfish gain.  And yet for all that I know, I can do very little.  So I too run.  And yet this reality is not a dream.  It is real.