Happy Saint Valentine’s Day

love.pngA special day deserves a special blog posting…

Today is NOT the day to feel in infatuated with sugar-candy like “lovey” emotions.  Today is also not a day for chocolates, flowers, hearts, and a crazy winged creature code named “Cupid”. It not also not a day to lust or for envy of not being with someone. No day in the year should ever evoke such emotions.

Today is a day where we should celebrate true love. The love of married couples and those who promised to marry each other. The love and affection that parents give to their children. The love that children shower their parents with. The love that springs forth from family. And most of all the love that God gives to all of humanity, his adopted children. Because without love, true love, the universe would be a cold, dark, and lifeless place.  Indeed neither it nor anything else would not exist. God loves you, always.

Happy Saint Valentine’s Day everyone!