Upgrades All Around!

It seems that last week was a week of upgrades for me.  First I got to upgrade two laptops and a server to the brand new spanking Ubuntu 12.04 (Kubuntu and the Server editions of course).  Unlike people living in the Ubuntu world, Kubuntu is fairly stable and 12.04 just packaged a few nice updates and bug fixes.  Also I installed the stable release of Calligra, and I plan on trialling that suite out.  This also gave me the opportunity to hang out with some to local Ubuntu fans at the meetup.  Strangely enough I left like one of the youngest people in that group.

In addition to that I finally received an update to my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1V.  Now it is finally rocking Android 3.2.1 after running on 3.0.1 for a while.  Not quite the ICS release I hoped for.  However once I get around to flashing my Samsung Galaxy SII with the non-carrier ICS (Android 4.0) official ROM, then I’ll have all my hardware nicely updated.

Update: 2012 May 03

Looks like the fine folks at Bell Mobility and Samsung Canada released an update for ICS for the Samsung Galaxy S2!  Refer to here for more details: http://t.co/ueKFO4qb  And yes my phone is rocking Android 4.0.3, and it works amazingly!  Thanks Bell and Samsung, and sorry for complaining about you taking so long for the update.  The update looks solid and definitely makes the phone “feel” newer and better.  Great work!