A Requiem for a Blog

Introducing the One-Time Trash Pad

Greetings victim err… I mean reader.

You stumbled across this strange journal, about the life of a frustrated writer. It mildly resembles my own life. But only superficially. So if its not about me, then why does it exist?

The journal serves two purposes. Firstly, I get to throw around angst, frustration and stress, which is great when I get writer’s block. The second and inadvertent purpose is to assume you, with random humour.

Enough already with the introductions. I find formalities stuffy. Anyways, enjoy the ride. If that is ok… ok with you… that is… ok sir? Or is it ma’am? Kind of hard to make out your face, especially if I never actually see it.

Posted on: Saturday, December 2, 2006 @ 18:41

And thats how in my madness one December evening, I started a new blog. The idea of the blog, was to spend my irritation before editing my final pieces for my Science and Writing course. I picked quantum computers for my project of seven articles. In hindsight I should of picked something that would not have boiled my brains so often. So I wrote a number of crazy posts about me writing, as an antidote.

The One-Time Trash Pad was supposed to be a cooperative writing project. The name comes as a joke about digital cryptography. The blog resembles a one-time pad… but it is really just trash my brain threw together. Just it is nice readable trash.

Unfortunately, the project is dead, and I will close down the blog in a few days.
No one wanted to contribute, and I don’t have time to write two blogs. Before I close down that site, I want to post my work on this blog. So don’t be surprised by the apparent randomness. Its all part of the scheduled program.

That said… viva la blog! The one-time trash pad et morte!