Looking Forward, Looking Back

I’ve blogging for a while now.  This particular site and setup doesn’t suggest that I’ve been blogging since 2005.  Of course nowadays, I blog more often than I did then.  But the fact remains.  I noticed this because when I imported my old Blogger blog to WordPress, I did a messy job of importing my posts.  Most of the tags and categories were messed up.  So every so often I go into my mass of uncategorized posts, tagging, spellchecking and updating as I go along.

Looking back, I blogged about my life in the context of a university student.  My struggles and triumphs as I dealt with university, computing, stress, writing, love and growing up.  Some things changed since those times, some remained the same.  I still enjoy blogging for all the same reasons as before.  Back then I would post when inspired.  Today I have to inspire and compell myself to keep posting daily entries, that are interesting, compelling, clear and worth reading.  Still it has been a worthwhile journey, one that I plan to continue well into the foreseeable future.

Looking forward, I am trying to bring my blogging into the next level.  Aestetically, I have set up the theme for the site in a manner that I like.  To top of the site, I created and added a favicon yesterday.  Also I continue with my re-organization of old posts.  I have some 110 post to clean up.  So about 65% of the posts are done.  Just a few more to go.

Moving In…

I migrated my blog to its new home here a few days ago.  Already I feel a lot more comfortable than I ever did in Blogger.  It feels like a moved from an apartment to a single family detached house.  And yes I am liking it.

Like an new house owner, I am now in the getting settled in and “painting” mode.  I’m experimenting with different professionally made themes.  I’ll probably end up making my own sometime in the future.  I cleaned out the glob of categories created, when I imported my data.  So now I have a bunch of posts that I need to retag and re-categorize.  I’ll work on that part slowly.  I plan on putting up some my articles and setting up a gallery sometime in the future too.  This is quite cool, and I am glad that all I needed to do is buying hosting in GoDaddy, set up a few options, install WordPress as a Hosted App and import my Blogger content.  So painless and honestly a lot more fun then I thought it would be.  Now if I can figure out this Drupal thing, my hosted web life would be total awesomeness.

Moving House and Home…

Please excuse the past few days of silence. But I’ll moving this blog/journal/collection of incohesive rants yet again.

The new home will be at my new brand new domain: https://dorianpula.ca/

Now at the moment of posting this message, the domain is not up.  CIRA, you fail again.  So for the next few days I’ll be working on putting up a new blog on that site, and copying over my content.  I’ll keep this blog up for posterity though.  However I will post new entries on the new site.  Also I might be silent for a few days while I transition over.

Oh no! What happened to your site?!?

If you are wondering about the strange collage of colours on this blog, well, it is totally my fault. Basically while the default Blogger themes are nice, I find them limiting. So I grabbed the thisawayBlue theme from Blogger, and started to replace elements in it. I am still a long ways from getting the right mix of colours. So please expect some breakage and truly zany colour combinations. I promise I’ll find and implement a decent looking theme in the next few weeks.

A Requiem for a Blog

Introducing the One-Time Trash Pad

Greetings victim err… I mean reader.

You stumbled across this strange journal, about the life of a frustrated writer. It mildly resembles my own life. But only superficially. So if its not about me, then why does it exist?

The journal serves two purposes. Firstly, I get to throw around angst, frustration and stress, which is great when I get writer’s block. The second and inadvertent purpose is to assume you, with random humour.

Enough already with the introductions. I find formalities stuffy. Anyways, enjoy the ride. If that is ok… ok with you… that is… ok sir? Or is it ma’am? Kind of hard to make out your face, especially if I never actually see it.

Posted on: Saturday, December 2, 2006 @ 18:41

And thats how in my madness one December evening, I started a new blog. The idea of the blog, was to spend my irritation before editing my final pieces for my Science and Writing course. I picked quantum computers for my project of seven articles. In hindsight I should of picked something that would not have boiled my brains so often. So I wrote a number of crazy posts about me writing, as an antidote.

The One-Time Trash Pad was supposed to be a cooperative writing project. The name comes as a joke about digital cryptography. The blog resembles a one-time pad… but it is really just trash my brain threw together. Just it is nice readable trash.

Unfortunately, the project is dead, and I will close down the blog in a few days.
No one wanted to contribute, and I don’t have time to write two blogs. Before I close down that site, I want to post my work on this blog. So don’t be surprised by the apparent randomness. Its all part of the scheduled program.

That said… viva la blog! The one-time trash pad et morte!

Delirious Joy

Had my first exam today. Just as I predicted a practical cakewalk. Funny for a course I spend 0 hours studying for too… The questions were simple enough, a bit of guessing but overall great!
I am so happy that this course is over.

So two more exams to follow. Data structures… (youch!) and systems programming (yummy!). I am going to start studying for them tomorrow morning. Mostly visualizations of the algorithms of the data structures in Java, and a multipipe/redirect program. Stay tuned folks.

I have put off my toy projects: justCheckers and Insomia. As soon as my last exam is over, and when I finally get high speed. Yes, I have been using this slow dial-up connection for developing… get over it. Then I can get things into full swing again. Wish that I had my own Subversion/web server too… unfortunately if there is truly a cap on how much I can upload/download… then my Apache server is not going online.

Other than that… just another day in the life of me. OH and my blog page keeps on getting redirected to Blogger…. now noone can see my rants except for me. 🙁