Information Overload Via RSS

Eureka! I found out where a good chunk of my time disappeared to. RSS feeds and my favorite feed aggregation tool: Akregator. RSS feeds are an invaluable tool and using them feels like holding a hand on the pulse of the Web. However, I realized how much time I wasted because I subscribed to a few news and planet feeds.

Every morning would start with firing up Kontact, and reading my e-mails. Then I would do the same with the RSS feeds. Then I would scan each story, decide upon its usefulness, upload the useful ones to my web browser, read them, bookmark and catalogue them. Only by the time I finished a good chunk of the day past by. Oh my.

I realized that I had become an information junkie, and nothing was getting done. Initially I switched off the automatic retrieval. But that was just a half measure. Instead today, I took the drastic step of deleting the news and planet feeds. Now I can get work done, and do the things I should do. Like updating this blog. 😉