PSA: Elections in Ontario & Referendum

Today, we Ontarians get to pick a new premier. Lets hope its someone who can actually deliver to help the majority of people, instead of just promising.

The more pressing issue is a referendum. The question is whether we stick with the current system. Or do we go the “mixed member proportional system”. The current one (first one past the post) we all understand. Our system is held up by experts as a model of an honest system. None of the strange, un-understandable mathematical formulas to figure what proportion of people get elected. Actually, the only people who benefit are the political parties who can form the equivalent of political cartels, deciding for us who gets power.

So I am asking all Ontario voters to against a mixed member proportional system. Our current electoral system is the most democratic and most free.

25th Anniversary of Martial Law in Poland

December 13, 1981. General Wojciech Jaruzelski declared Poland (then still part of the Warsaw Pact) under martial law. The Communist secret service arrested hundreds of Poles. Many died for a free Poland.

25 years later, things have changed slowly. Though many ex-members of the Communist Party, secret service and collaborators still walk freely and some even take up government positions, the sacrifice of many has not gone to waste. The current government is taking great steps to bring those responsible to justice.

I salute those who stood up to the injustice, corruption and evil of the Communist Party. And I thank you for fighting for my country.

Viva Pinochet!

Yesterday General Augusto Pinochet died at the age of 91. (BBC article)

I never met the man, nor am I any way connected to Chile. Yet I admire his resolve and daring.
He stood up to Communism and the Soviet Russian empire. He did this at a time, when no one except the superpowers dared to. From what I see, many Chileans are grateful for his expulsion of communism and agents of the Soviet Union. I admire his patriotism, and his desire to make a strong and free Chile. He sent a clear message to Havana and Moscow, “We don’t want you.”

That said, I disagree with some of his methods. No one should of disappeared or died. There was no need to dispose of his opposition that way. I think Greece, also under a military junta took a far better gentler route. Anyone who sympathized with the murderous Soviet Union and naively believed in a better life in Communism, was sent to the Warsaw Bloc. Many Greeks ended up in Poland, enriching it, and returned back to Greece, more radically opposed to Communism than their deporters were. Maybe Pinochet should of sent Chilean communists to that beautiful, island prison utopia of Communism run by Senior Castro.

History is full of many answered ifs, great deeds and dispecible crimes. What I horrifies me, is the whining, cringing leftist, “rich white kids” who wailed for Pinochet’s life. Ironically, these same people filled with blood lust, never called to bring to justice the Khmer Rogue. Maybe the death of “hundreds” of potentially well-armed, well-financed Communist rebels, is more significant in the lefts mind, than the brutal massacres of thousands of innocents by the word of that raving sociopath Pol Pot.

The world has lost a great man in General Augusto Pinochet. I doubt that his critics would of handled the looming danger of Marxism and bloody revolution in 1970’s Chile, any better. I wish more leaders had Pinochet’s resolve against the overbearing, imperialistic, demonic machination called the Soviet Union. With his death, an era ended. Lets not speak ill of the dead, learn from their successes and not repeat their mistakes.

Still not convinced? Take a look at what Mr. David Horowitz wrote about Pinochet.

Stepping Mania

Life has been pretty hectic recently. I guess basically it always was but I was too busy gaming to notice it. Talking about gaming I bought my first new game recently, HL2 Episode 1. Excellent game and loads of fun. Strangely very re-playable and Valve has worked hard on making the game believable with good AI and HDR. Without spoiling the plot too much, the best parts of the game were: a new enemy, HDR (kept on blinding myself with a flashlight against a white wall) and the story.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am busy working on a new project recently. Basically a minimalistic web framework that you can drop into a website or extend to your heart’s desire. The only real problem recently was getting the Subversion repository working, and finding a new name for the project. It seems that at least two other open source projects have the names simplesite. I choose a new and original one. I am not going to release it yet until I get the SourceForge admins to change everything around properly.

I have been searching for jobs recently for PEY (UofT’s version of an internship). I need the money and the experience is welcome. Besides I want to decide upon my career path before I finish university. Might be a dev, tester, admin or a researcher. Right now I applied to two different places. We will see how it goes. Also I can’t get the courses I want either (might need to ruffle some feathers in that department).

Other than that nothing much else to say. I might say some nasty comments about one crazy nation doing “preemptive” invasions of another country. Looking for terrorists they say. What a pity most of their kills are civilians. Meh that what you get when you have one state-sponsored terrorist group going out to defeat another private one. Idiots.

On a brighter note, might go clubbing sometime soon. Continuations in writing, coding and other mad activities will also follow. Stay tuned for more.

Drifting in the Ether for While.

…just passing by partner.

Funny how I have been missing my daily dose of Internet recently… Busy at home is my excuse, but it is a bad one. So I am back for a short while… mainly to grab a look at a few things. Recently I have had that awful mix of boredom and excitement that happens before an exam. Only four days, and two exams and that is it for spring semester 2005.

Some of my friends asked me if I will be taking courses in the summer. As much as I would like to, (honestly summer can be a fun time to learn) I am out of funds. So it is off to work we go for me. Never figured out why does dwarves were so flipping happy.

I miss Kat. Have not talked to her in what seems ages… make that almost two weeks in person. I know I shouldn’t do this… but I really like her for some odd reason. Sigh… oh and don’t give me any of that “oh… l’amour…” because I WILL twist your neck off…. 😉 Most likely we won’t meet up for the summer… so I am sort of depressed about that. We haven’t even chatted online for almost the same amount of time. 🙁 Hope that changes… we I guess we have two shared exams one on Wednesday and Thursday. That is something to look forward too.

Ok it seems that everyone has something to say about the new papacy. So I guess I should add my 2 political cents (*looks around for political officers*)… Being very much conservative (read as: dinosaur for all you liberal-minded hippies ;)), I think that Benedict XVI will do a great job. A friend of the last pope, and well versed in doctrines of the faith, I think this papacy should be a great continuation, maybe even sharpening of John Paul II’s papacy. I really don’t understand all the whining of all those liberally controlled media and activists… if you don’t like the Roman Catoholic church, well that don’t go to it. Want your church? No problem go ahead. Just don’t change ours. Enough on the subject of the new papacy.

I plan to get cracking on the visualizations for a few algorithms and data structures from my course. Should be a fun look into Java, threading, animation, and maybe a glance into understanding these algorithms. Anyhow, I am off need to stretch out my fins, and bound around the etherbeach for a while, and grab a few things. Yes, I view life from the perspective of a playful mudskipper. Why? Because mudskippers are kewl!!! And so are jellyfish.