Published in the Alexandrian!

I found out on Friday that my friend and founder of the Alexandrian, just released the Fall issue. I haven’t read the entire issue yet, but it looks like a great issue.

I’m particularly excited about this issue because it contains my first ever non-self-published short story: Learning to Love God

Happy Guy Fawkes Day!

Remember, remember the 5th of November. A very merry Guy Fawkes Day to ye all!

Some thoughts:

  • Anarchism isn’t about blowing things. It is about resisting the unethical and immoral lording of man over man.
  • If you absolutely positively plan on blowing up any parlaments today, try using something with a higher yield than a few barrels of gunpowder. e.g. semtex, plastique, C4, etc. 😉
  • Guy Fawkes wasn’t an anarchist. He wanted to reinstate a king. And please try not to blow up anything.

Building a Community

Ok.  Aaron Seigo of the KDE project is a genius.  He really is.  Not only does he lead the absolutely revolutionary Plasma project in KDE, but he also knows what he is talking about.

Anyway he wrote a kickass article about how to build a community in open source.  And I’m too lazy to write one myself, since my experience is not as long or as exciting….  Or I might write it up later for reasons of posterity.

Without out further ado: advice from Aaron on building a community in an open source project.

The Day the Podcast Died…

The guys at LugRadio just announced their last show. What a shame. I loved that show and I rate it as the funniest Linux and open source podcast shows of all time. Actually, one the funniest and best podcasts out there. That was that is.

This makes my already tiny list of regular podcasts smaller. But ah well. Life goes on.

Thank you guys for the awesome show. It has been a blast.

New Obsession: Adept 3.0

I wanted to get involved with an interesting existing FOSS project related to Kubuntu. Adept the deb package manager caught my eye. Now anyone who used the old 2.x version of adept_manager, will probably point out how the busy the user interface is. Its not the easiest tool to use. Then again you could pretty much say that about any KDE 3 programs (k3b and d3lphin) being the notable exceptions.

Adept Manager version 2.x
Adept Manager version 3.x

The newer version looks much cleaner and feels like a true KDE4 app. Very, very nice. Now while my C++ skills are not fantastic and my QT4 knowledge is non-existent, I would very much want to contribute to this app. I guess I will start off with filling bug reports, and slowly make my way into spelunking around the source code.

P.S. This post was written using KDE 3 & KDE 4 and Firefox 2.x & 3.0!

Goodies for You Today!

Good morning! So I have two goodies (one of them is not really my work but I still want to share it with you) to give today.

First thing is the release of Ubuntu 7.10. And in extension also Kubuntu 7.10, which is what I use. As I mentioned before, this is another sweet release. So get yours while its still hot!

Ubuntu Release
Kubuntu Release

Second gift is this post. Thats right, this is post number 150! I wanted to do something special to celebrate this. But yes, I had nothing interesting to report. And this release, makes the post newsworthy. Yay!

Y’ all have a great day, yah hear?