An Invitation to a Party

Somewhere out there in Wolverhampton, UK, four large gents and there large group of friends, followers and groupies are having one helluva party. Unfortunately I’m not with them. As Aq pointed out on a previous blog entry, Toronto is a bit of a ways. And in days of stellar expensive flights, I couldn’t afford such a trip. 🙁

I did listen to the last studio recorded LugRadio podcast. On my N810, a device which first heard about in LugRadio. Or was it from Bert & Ernie on LAS? I keep on mixing up my muppet shows. 😀 And whats up with the melon?

Anyways, thanks again to the entire LugRadio crew, for the crazy banter and great times. You will be missed. And if I ever meet you guys in the flesh, I’ll be buy ya a beer. Or more if necessary. 🙂

The Day the Podcast Died…

The guys at LugRadio just announced their last show. What a shame. I loved that show and I rate it as the funniest Linux and open source podcast shows of all time. Actually, one the funniest and best podcasts out there. That was that is.

This makes my already tiny list of regular podcasts smaller. But ah well. Life goes on.

Thank you guys for the awesome show. It has been a blast.