26th Time Around the Sun

I made it!  I made it around the sun for the 26th time.  Quite amazing that I made it in one piece too, considering how fast the Earth travels around the Sun.  Hopefully, I’ll repeat the same feat next year.

Caroline asked as we walked on the Toronto Island on Saturday, how do I feel about being one year older.  I went into a long winded philosophical debate with myself.  And then I shortened it down to: I don’t feel differently than I was a year before.  I gained some more experience.  I feel that I’ll better handle the future thanks to said knowledge.  And I’m fairly happy with where I am in life.  It could be better, but I can’t complain.  Still I look around me, and can’t help but feel a tinge of anxiety.  Many of my friends have moved on to the next stage in their life.  And I’m just drifting along, occasionally kicking forward frantically without much success.  And the inertia worries me, because one doesn’t grow if one is not moving forward.  But again I’m not in a bad position or place.  So I have mixed feelings about my reaching 26 years of age.

I did enjoy my weekend though.  I saw my brother succeed in Air Cadets.  I walked around the gorgeous Toronto Islands with my friend Caroline.  I got to play a wargame with my coworker Shehan and his wife yesterday.  I didn’t conqueror the Polynesian Islands as I planned to, and the game dragged on.  But I enjoyed myself throughly.

So what do I want to do before I hit 27?  I guess more of the same.  Get closer to achieving my long term goals.  Work on being a better person.  And experience in the world more.  This next year should be fun.