The Day After

Today marks the first day of my 26th year of existence.  So far I feel quite pleased.  I have some progress in my various goals.  I go out more often.  I talk to more people.  I have found a few girls who have taken some sort of an interest in me.  Life goes on without missing a beat.  In my mind, my writing is shaping up nicely.  Programming is left to the side, for now.  But I plan on working on that fairly soon.  Getting a license and a car is within my reach.  For once I can see myself living an ordinary independent adult life.  For various reasons I’m doing anything crazy like moving out.  Or spending vast amounts of money, or doing silly things in general.  My time management, project management and organizational skills are far better than they were a year ago.  And most importantly, I still see a glimmer of hope of my eeking out a prosperous existence on this rock.  My situation is not the simplest or the easiest, butI still I have room for maneuvering.  All in all, the day after and the coming days looking promising.

26th Time Around the Sun

I made it!  I made it around the sun for the 26th time.  Quite amazing that I made it in one piece too, considering how fast the Earth travels around the Sun.  Hopefully, I’ll repeat the same feat next year.

Caroline asked as we walked on the Toronto Island on Saturday, how do I feel about being one year older.  I went into a long winded philosophical debate with myself.  And then I shortened it down to: I don’t feel differently than I was a year before.  I gained some more experience.  I feel that I’ll better handle the future thanks to said knowledge.  And I’m fairly happy with where I am in life.  It could be better, but I can’t complain.  Still I look around me, and can’t help but feel a tinge of anxiety.  Many of my friends have moved on to the next stage in their life.  And I’m just drifting along, occasionally kicking forward frantically without much success.  And the inertia worries me, because one doesn’t grow if one is not moving forward.  But again I’m not in a bad position or place.  So I have mixed feelings about my reaching 26 years of age.

I did enjoy my weekend though.  I saw my brother succeed in Air Cadets.  I walked around the gorgeous Toronto Islands with my friend Caroline.  I got to play a wargame with my coworker Shehan and his wife yesterday.  I didn’t conqueror the Polynesian Islands as I planned to, and the game dragged on.  But I enjoyed myself throughly.

So what do I want to do before I hit 27?  I guess more of the same.  Get closer to achieving my long term goals.  Work on being a better person.  And experience in the world more.  This next year should be fun.

Good Friday

Today is Good Friday.  So while a statuary holiday in Canada, I’m not on holiday today.  Rather I have much to do, so I’ll keep this post short.

I wish everyone a great Good Friday and a happy Easter.  A reminder that God loved you so much He sent His only Son to die (in a particularly painful way too) and to rise again.  All this so that we could be saved.  I’m so glad He did so for all of us.

And if you don’t believe that, I wish a relaxing long weekend.  I’ll try to relax after I finish my long list of things to do now.  Maybe I’ll treat everyone with some of my writing, if I have the time.

Also happy birthday to you S.  I’m keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

In Reverse Chronology

Yesterday, I turned 24. Or 109 in dog years. I feel old when I think about it that way. But then again, reflecting back these past 24 years have been eventful. Thanks to everyone who helped, guided and positively influenced me over the course of those years. I just hope that the next 24 years will be just as fascinating, exciting and important as the past 24.

Monday, I officially received my diploma. Tired from lack of sleep, and a dentist appointment in the morning, I showed up just in time for my celebration. Now I have a real degree in my hands. I heard that someone cheered my name when my turn to shake the chancellor’s hand. That day I realized that I could achieve a dream. Further more, I was not just another name. I was a someone, at least for someone other than my own family. And again when I met up with my friends after the ceremony. Thanks Rob, Dan, Albert, Arnold, Konrad, Adwoa, Scott and Miranda for all the happy university memories, for making me feel special and for graduating together with me. Congratulations!

Today, I paid off my university loan. And the preparation for my adventure in Europe begins!

Birthday! Yay!

Well there we go, 22 years old today. Sigh… don’t know whether to smile, laugh, cry or sigh. Pleasant and bitter memories mixed with sweet and fearful dreams of the future. All I can I say is that has been exhausting. House chores, flooded basement, work, brother’s projects, and so on have kept me on my feet.

Even today isn’t all that great. Rain, listening to Mom (apparently her nerves in her hand are badly damaged) moarn her hand, and general tiredness… Oh well, tomorrow is another day… hope the future is brighter.


Another day at work. Sweat. Tiring work. Exhaustion. My only relief are the paycheck and that my normally temperamental machine functioned well, nay, flawlessly. Almost no sleep takes its toll. Damn hot humid weather.

Met a few new students… actually, they attended the same high school as me. Managed to talk to Kat from work. She seems nice enough… but I am not in the mood. Not interested in girls nowadays… nope… I think I’ll bury myself in my personal projects for awhile.

Started reading Creation Rediscovered, after a long hiatus. Figured might as well let God into my life. Can’t hurt. Might as well give Him a chance.

Great news! Finally paid off my university debt. Now I owe no one (except OSAP) anything. Have to save up for next year…

My 22nd birthday is coming up. I feel old and worn. Nothing cheers me up anymore… sigh…

Going to sleep in the basement now… maybe I will get some rest tonight. So tired.

Note: No luck. Prefer a soft bed with a soft, ambient light in warm room to a hard cot in the middle of a cool, dark basement.