A Return to Normality

Today marks the first day of getting back to my old schedule and routine.  The transition turned out smoother than I imagined.  Hopefully, no new quirk will appear and I get back to working on all my overdue tasks.  As things stand:

  • Writing the first part of the first chapter in the novel.  Had tweak it a bit to avoid a plot hole.
  • Working out the plan of attack to restart justCheckers development.  I’m woefully unfamiliar with bzr and Eclipse integration is not working well.
  • Some initial plans for the new justCheckers website theme.  Again, new to Drupal theming.
  • My consulting work is back to a regular, sane pace and my own expectations have fell into place.
  • My expectations and goals in general are more aligned with reality and my own position in it.
  • Small urgent tasks keep on stomping on my larger plans, which is a bit trying.  Hopefully this will all settle down soon.

I’ll continue blogging in short irregular bursts, until my projects start moving forward under their own momentum.

Some Thoughts About Life and Consulting

Some thoughts to think about:

  • Set expectations early. It avoids confusion and hassle in the future.
  • Assertiveness instills confidence and helps achieve what you need.
  • Smiling helps keep everyone positive and repels negativity from you.
  • Show progress cause it encourages people.
  • Review your goals and schedule time lines. This will make them concrete.
  • Break up goals into manageable tasks. This will make your goals achieveable.
  • Be patient. Nothing will improve in your life overnight.