My Head in the Clouds – Cloud Computing

After much resistance, I extended part of my life on-line.

The reality is that technology plays an important role in my life. I organize, communicate, create, distribute and entertain through computing. But even with Palm, a decent Linux workstation and the web to my disposal much of this technology and its benefits are separate. While I can connect remotely to my desktop and let my groupware, Kontact handle my e-mails, RSS feeds, etc., its not convenient.

Here is where Google enters in. They have the storage and online applications that keep me and my data connected. Its not perfect. I rather using the Internet as a conduit, and maintaining everything locally. But its not realistic for me to do so. In theory, I could produce, store and transmit electricity myself (obviously with the right equipment) too. In practise, I pay a utility company to do so.

So why not do the same with computing? Thats the promise of cloud computing. Think of it as hosted web applications on steroids. Cloud computing would change computing into a utility. Use only as much as you need. Have it accessible all the time, everywhere. Imagine your desktop, mobile device, workstations and servers all communicating seamlessly with each other.

Of course, Google is not exactly cloud computing. Its close. But Google serves you and me, so that we are a captivated audience for advertisers. But I can’t complain about Google… they do host this blog after all… and a bunch of my data. However a number of companies are moving forward with utility/cloud computing: Amazon, and Sun Microsystems to name a few. Exactly in what form, how and who will create a stable platform in the Internet cloud, remains to be seen. We do live in times with interesting possibilities.

Silent Running

Sorry for not writing sooner… The excuse is the overused “I didn’t have time to…”. That of course is not the real reason. While physical exhaustion is a factor, it was really because I was angry and upset. I find that writing comments in such a states often just makes things substantially worse.

However I will not be writing blogs as often as I would like to. This is because I am writing a novel nowadays. So I will concentrate on that for a while.

As for news, my Dad finally got a cellphone. I finally got a high speed broadband Internet connection and an excellent router to go with it. Yummy emerges from home. And Mom finally got a multifunctional printer, scanner and copier. And it looks more robust than the last one. So now I got a new (old tabletop one) scanner.

Met this guy Bart who is my age and goes to Waterloo University. He is studying Software Engineering and seems pretty cool. We talked and played three rounds of Legends. Naturally my Dad is giving me trouble about this. And all my explanations are inadequate for him. And now the laptop confescations and the “why do you have any non-educational games installed” are beginning anew. Sigh…