Book Announcement: Unjumbling JSON with jq

jq is an amazing tool for querying and manipulating JSON in command-line, that I learned about from one of my good colleagues, Eric Olsen. And I feel that jq deserves a good book describing how to use this tool. Hence I am writing a book called Unjumbling JSON with jq on the topic.

As mentioned in a previous post, I originally planned on writing a single book on both jq and httpie. I divided the original book in two, because there is only a small overlap between the two. I wanted to show examples of grabbing a REST API response via httpie, and parsing the JSON output with jq. However basic querying a REST API is something that could be covered in a short section. By writing the books separately, I will be able to release them faster, and the books will be much more focused.

I plan on selling early drafts of the ebook on August 10th. Buyers of the ebook will get regular versions of the evolving drafts of the ebook, and a free upgrade to the final version of the book. I want to release the early drafts to get early reader feedback. In addition readers of the book will have access to the REST API that accompanies the book.

You can order the early version of Unjumbling JSON with jq from here].


I missed an update yesterday, but I won’t fudge it today and backdate this post. Things are a bit messy at the moment and behind schedule unfortunately.  I’m trying to fix this, but I’m not sure when everything will get back on-track.

So until that time, I’m going to keep the posts shorts and not necessarily daily.

Taking a Repose

You may have noticed that my blogs seem to get shorter and shorter.  As you can imagine I’m busy wrapping up things for this year.  In addition to all that, I want to spend more time writing my novels and articles.  Plus I need to catch up on my coding projects as well.  You should still expect to get your daily dose of Dorian, but in shorter form for the time being.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress with my various projects.

Announcing Daily Updates to Mlaren Dreams!

Greetings! Judging by the success of my recent flurry of postings, I decided to start updating the blog on a regular basis.

So I am proud to present. Mlaren Dreams, updated daily at 18:00 EST. Or 23:00 UTC, for those persistently-connected-to-the-Net-thanks-to-my-new-fangled-neural-network-connection.

Unfortunately, I need a few more days before I can link to any files.