PyCon and Beyond

Last weekend I went to the first ever PyCon Canada.  What an incredible event!  I met so many friendly, amazing, smart and talented people.  I learned so many new things, that essentially my knowledge of Python, and web technologies practically jumped to the next level over the course of 2 days.  The entire event left so inspired, that I’ve been hacking on a Python web application that I hope to release into the wild sooner than later.  Another fun Django Toronto night followed, and I learned so much there too.  I really can not wait to try out all these new technologies.  I have not gotten in touch with everyone from PyCon and Django Toronto, that I would like to.  Just been so swamped.  But I promise to do so shortly.

In the meantime, I hinted at a Python based web application that I am working on.  I won’t go into the details of the site in this post, since I’d rather show it off than talk about it. 🙂  I plan on building it out using Flask, SQLAlchemy and Jinja2.  Currently I am working through those technologies to build a particular website, and hopefully mastering them as I work out the details.  More details will follow soon…

For those who missed out on PyCon CA 2012: the videos of the talk are already up!  Check them out!