Wubi, How Much I Miss You

Dual-booting on a Vista machine turned out to be a really, really bad idea. At least when you are trying NOT to kill Vista in the process. Now cleaning out GRUB, reinstalling Vista’s MBR and re-extending all the partitions is in order. The number of hoops one needs to jump through, especially if you don’t have Vista install media is incredible. I personally tried deleting my GNU/Linux partition, then installing it again. Then I tried running Super Grub Disk to get my Vista MBR back. But that failed. So instead I downloaded and ran EasyBCD and rewrote my MBR that way.  EasyBCD unfortunately is not libre software, but it does a wonderful job of making the Vista experience less painful.

After that could I remove the GNU/Linux partition via my Wubied installed of Kubuntu. All that is left is for me to re-extend the main partition when I get around to it.  I’m NOT going to do that again.

So advice to anyone wanting to run Ubuntu GNU/Linux and NOT kill your Vista install for whatever reason, go the Wubi route. Always go the Wubi installer route, it will save you a lot of hassle. You the additional advantage that you can always uninstall Ubuntu GNU/Linux if you need to.

Delays in Posting

Please forgive the delay in posting. Preparing for the new (and final) semester, forced me to sacrifice my time to non-blogging work. In fact, I am waiting for a clean reinstall/upgrade of Ubuntu to finish. We will back to our “regular” schedule by Monday.

Do You Really Think I Study???

Many people still believe students study before exams. Right… Some students still believe they should. I, however join the ever-increasing ranks of slackers and non-studiers. That said, I will look over my notes, before taking the exam. My definition of studying… kind of unconventional.

My rationale? If I did zero work the entire semester, I sure am not going to learn anything in a single night. So instead I read over my notes. And do other things.

Today, I foolishly decided would be reinstall-Ubuntu day. Most of the morning and a good part of the afternoon consisted of backing up and reinstalling. I tried installing the newest Kubuntu. Alas, it refused to accept a JFS root directory. I wanted JFS, cause I like a fast, responsive file system. Not like Reisers which is fast and crashes hard. Not like XFS that runs like if every machine was a six-million dollar rack with more RAIDs and CPUs then a centipede has legs. And ext3, thats an ancient system… old but reliable. Still old though. After jousting with Kubuntu Edgy Eft, I popped in my Ubuntu Dapper Drake and decided to go the upgrade route.

So I am sitting right now, 30 minutes into an upgrade, copying back my backed up data, one DVD at a time. When I am done the copying, I will study. Right…

Backup Time Again!

Yes, folks its that time of year again. Backups, backups and even more backups. My system crufted up in the past few months, and I need to reformat, repartition and reinstall Ubuntu Linux again.

So today I am concentrating on getting everything ready for a massive backup. I got a stack of DVDs on my right. I just want to finish organizing my music, throwing out unneeded things and grabbing some copies of my old files.

More updates as I get further.