Quick Update

Hmm… unfortunately it seems I can no longer achieve much when pulling an all-nighter, as I did in university.  In fact, I feel I maybe less productive due to the sleepiness that comes with sleep deprivation.  (Talk about pointing out the obvious.)  Anyways this week, I’m trying to catch up on work at home, while learning about Spring MVC at work and trying to push forward my projects.  So far, the effort hasn’t really produced much in terms of progress on my projects.  But I’ll see if I slide them during the day.  Anyways, I’ll keep the post for today short and sweet.  I have a lot of writing to do, and I need to plan and execute a technical demo for a prospective client.  Hopefully today, I can push at least a few things forward.

Tagged, Balanced and Categorized

I think I just hit a new milestone in my organizational efforts.  I just finished tagging and categorizing the last of my blog posts.  A long effort but finally done.  I almost want to take a moment to step back and admire my handiwork.  But unfortunately, today I’ll be heading off to party hosted by the Huddarts.  So I don’t have time to stop and celebrate, at least not until tonight. 🙂

In addition I finished balancing my accounts and ledgers this morning.  This could not of been possible, if I had not yesterday filed away most of my papers.  The expanding file idea seems like a stroke of genius now.  I can easily find everything, takes up less space and I feel organized.  I managed to compress space and create time.  And this all thanks to a bit of time, money and effort.  My next goal will involve clearing out the junk and clutter I’ve collected over the years.  With some effort, time and perhaps a bit of money I’ll finally be able to live neatly in the small room that I own.

Still this week my schedule suffered from my efforts.  I have walked around sleep deprived.  I put off tasks that need to finish.  But at least I can safely say my long term goals and projects seem closer to realization.

OK, moment of reflection over.  I need to plan for tonight.  And I need to acquire breakfast.  Also I need to get to those defered tasks.  Maybe I can find time to move my projects forward too.