Time to Retire My Snowboard for the Season

As part of a struggle to retrieve a lawn chair and folding table, to get some work done will enjoying the outdoors, I stumbled over my snowboard.  This winter–yes I know that officially spring begins in a few days–I managed to hit the slopes for two solid days of snowboarding.  Not enough to gain mastery over my mischievous, knee jarring board but enough to  enjoy a few thrilling rides down the slope.  Like all good things, there is a time to put away some things to start some new aspect of life.  So I put away the snowboard, and after some careful Tetris-work I managed to pull out the folding table.  Plus I found an old pair of sandals, which I am proudly wearing right now… in an attempt to declare this day as shorts and sandals weather.  In a way, I am glad that I can retire my snowboard for this season.

I am also happy that I can retire my resume for now.  Having found a nice new job, means I don’t have to deal with the joys of applying for new positions and dealing with interviews.  I can now concentrate on developing my skills again.  Possibly learning a new language or framework or two.  Most importantly, I can finally catch up on the huge mound of work and projects that I felt undone as I searched for a new job.  I am glad I can  concentrate on this, and not job hunting.  (Note for my friends: this catch-up effort is also the reason I’ve been rather silent recently.  Even by sleeping less, I still feel a tad overwhelmed by the work I have to do soon.)

Finally I am glad that I can retire some of my old bad habits.  This Lent I took the opportunity to retire my gaming habits and my will-do-later-cause-my-me-time-is-more-important.  Not all my bad habits and less than graceful behaviours have gone, however I am glad that this Lent gave me the opportunity to start a new chapter in my spiritual side.  I am glad that I feel closer to God, my Creator, and also my fellow humans.  I wish I could explain the joy I get when I truly try to be thankful for what I have.  And I wish I could explain how letting God into your life, will only increase the joy, wonderment and experiences in ones life.  It makes me sad that I’ve seen a few of my friends turn away from those graces, and I hope that we will return back in time.

Time for me to stop writing more on this post.  There is so much to do, that I feel guilty for not getting back to work.  I hope everyone enjoys a warm sun-filled spring, a productive start to the second quarter, and a blessed Lent!  See you all soon!

Tagged, Balanced and Categorized

I think I just hit a new milestone in my organizational efforts.  I just finished tagging and categorizing the last of my blog posts.  A long effort but finally done.  I almost want to take a moment to step back and admire my handiwork.  But unfortunately, today I’ll be heading off to party hosted by the Huddarts.  So I don’t have time to stop and celebrate, at least not until tonight. 🙂

In addition I finished balancing my accounts and ledgers this morning.  This could not of been possible, if I had not yesterday filed away most of my papers.  The expanding file idea seems like a stroke of genius now.  I can easily find everything, takes up less space and I feel organized.  I managed to compress space and create time.  And this all thanks to a bit of time, money and effort.  My next goal will involve clearing out the junk and clutter I’ve collected over the years.  With some effort, time and perhaps a bit of money I’ll finally be able to live neatly in the small room that I own.

Still this week my schedule suffered from my efforts.  I have walked around sleep deprived.  I put off tasks that need to finish.  But at least I can safely say my long term goals and projects seem closer to realization.

OK, moment of reflection over.  I need to plan for tonight.  And I need to acquire breakfast.  Also I need to get to those defered tasks.  Maybe I can find time to move my projects forward too.

A Productive Day, Lacking the Space

Yesterday proved to be a productive day.  I am pleased with the expanding file I bought.  I could finally find an organized place for all those bills, receipts and miscellanous loose leaves of paper that clutter my room.  In addition I am caught up on my correspondence.  Looks like I’m making progress in the dating game too, something I thought would never come about.  Of course I will not for sure until I know for sure.  Still as the amount of near-misses increases, so does the likelyhood of a hit.  All in all I am at ease.

I still need to organize more and clear up both my physical and digital clutter.  The digital clutter only requires time.  But I am severly lacking space in the physical world, and I am not sure how to deal with this.  I have to either consolidate something or get rid of a large volume.  Nothing really comes to mind that can help me with this.  I do have some ideas.  When you are dealing with a small space, you have to get real creative with managing space.  And no the answer is not digitizing as much as possible, since that takes too long.  I might need to do some research into this problem.

For the most part, I’ve dealt with my lack of time problem.  I make time and tunnel out chunks of free time when I can.  But making space eludes me at the moment.

UPDATE: I read up some interesting ideas for saving space.  Need to get rid of stuff especially out of date things, unused clothes, and old pointless notes.  Also I need to see if I can convert objects into money, as that will help motivate me to cut deeper.  Hmm… this is gonna take some time and effort.