Image Tinkering

I planned to do some writing this weekend.  However that fell through.  Instead I looked my blog and my profiles on various sites.  I noticed that I projected a different image then I wanted to.  I wanted to look like a young working professional who enjoys his work, loves to work on his various hobbies and still be rather fun.  And I wanted to look like someone of my age.  I mean I like the fact that I look younger than I really am.  But some of my profiles don’t carry the same look and feel I wanted.  So I started tinkering my image, both online and offline.

One of the first things that will change is the blog’s appearance.  I thought of a title that would capture the sense of what I want to project.  In the past I called my blog on Blogger: Mlaren Dreams (a mlaren being a fictional hovercraft racing vehicle, inspired by FZero) and The Open Source Gamer.  Once I moved to a self-hosted WordPress installation, the name changed to Transmissions from High-Earth Orbit (a nod to my philosophy of looking at life from the perspective of someone in orbit above the Earth).  Then about the time I met Caroline and S., I renamed it to The Art of Being Dorian.  That last name made the blog more personal but it still felt too self-centred for my liking. Yesterday I kicked around a number of different ideas for names.  Today I changed the name of my blog.

So I present to you the new title: A Hacker’s Journal in the Cloud: Dorian Journals His Attempts at Hacking, Writing, Gaming and Living.  The name aludes to my hacking of computers and reality.  Hacking as in exploring and playfully using knowledge to my benefit.  The cloud beind the Internet cloud where this blog resides.  The rest of the title is self-explanatory.  And yes the title nods to the 19th century style of short titles and long elaborate subtitles.

My next goal is foist a new theme for the blog.  I wouldn’t mind creating a theme myself.  But if someone already made something I like I’ll use that instead.

5 thoughts on “Image Tinkering

  1. For the time being, I’ll use the Moonlight theme. It is a bit more subdued and clearer than the the oriental one. And the left versus right handed menu drove me nuts.

  2. And back to oriental… cause Moonlight breaks my blog navigation. Ugh. Maybe I should just modify this setup to be more to my tastes.

  3. Wow, just going through my older blog posts… I used to also call one of my blogs One-Time Trash Pad. A play on One-Time Pads in cryptography, and trashy fiction. Ah great memories, not changing the name though.

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