Sleepless Night

I really ought to go to sleep now.  My bosses will hate me for dragging myself into work zombie style.  But I can’t help it.  I plan on getting a few things done before I get up… or rather before I go to sleep.  Or even more accurate before the time I want to get up to make it to the bus to start my morning commute.

So what exactly do I have in mind?  Well maybe a few odd tasks, preparing for work tomorrow, even maybe some writing.  The tiredness is not really helping me to think straight.  But it does let me focus on a single task at a time.

Funny, now that one of my friends reminded me… I’ve worked in my current position at VisionMAX for a year now.  I’m still sane.  I still hold my job.  I get to work on a real project with a serious client.  People appreciate my input and my work.  Professionally I have grown.  Now if only I could smile everytime I want to complain about work.  It really is not that bad.

In general life continues in its plodding, ordinary way.  Two steps forward, one step back.  But still it is progress…

Anyways I really should get on with my other stuff.  I just wanted to update this blog for the upcoming day.

Updates to Life

I haven’t blogged about myself in a bit. So here is an update on me:

@ Work:
Have less than a month left of my probationary period at work. All the signs, indicators and omens point towards my staying on as a fully privileged employee of VisionMAX Solutions. I am very pleased with this situation. I can’t stress how much I enjoy hacking away at a web application. My only rant is not being able to see the forest from the trees at times. And I’m outgrowing my aversion to spontaneous human interaction.

@ Life:
I’m still figuring out how balance work and life. I seem to be winning that battle. Actions and rituals smooth out over time, so long as no one turns my universe on its head. God promises not to. And people are too busy in-fighting. So nothing should change in that manner. Hopefully I’ll be able to take on more stuff in the future. Anyone following my journey through life on Facebook, don’t hold your breath. I’m migrating away from Facebook, since I don’t have any say in how my information and content is handled.

@ Writing:
As noted earlier, I don’t blog (or journal) as much as liked to. But that just because I’m adjusting to everything nowadays. However, I do have success in my writing of prose. Right now I’m writing chapters 2 and 3 of a dark science fiction novel. I’ve uploaded all my typed up writing so far to Google Docs, for my own convenience. However that also means I can share my current drafts with anyone with a Google account. If you’re interested (and I know you personally), I’ll let you see what I wrote so far. Just e-mail or IM me.

@ Coding:
Outside of work, I don’t do much coding. However I plan on getting involved with the KDE and maemo communities in the near future. I would love to learn C++ and further the state of art of both KDE and maemo. Watch this space for further details.

You got your update of Dorian already. Now go do something productive!

A New Hope

Ok, I just had to take that title. While I’m not a huge Star Wars fan, light sabers and X-wing fighters are cool. So why the title? And why the enthusiasm?

First, I have a job! Thats right, I now work as a software consultant for VisionMAX Solutions. I get to build neat web applications in Java for clients. Its not exactly open source, but the mode of work is very similar. I am pretty excited about the job. I just need to get used to the new schedule.

Second, I started writing again! Yup, I am working on a science fiction novel. First chapter done in rough, and the second chapter progressing well. Lets see if I can keep it up to finish the novel.

Lastly, Ubuntu 8.04 came out recently. I have been running the KDE 4 desktop on it, and its fairly stable. Recently I’ve had some issues with the performance KDE 4. So its back to KDE 3, which is still rock solid. I might get into KDE 4 development and help progress KDE 4 towards the same stability as KDE 3.